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NCAA Tournament Day Four Open Thread

Can MSU get the B1G’s second one seed victim?

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Wisconsin v Villanova Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

I have a recap in the works for the Badgers. And by that I mean I had some completely incoherent thoughts in my head I was going to turn into an article until my phone died. Anyway, sincere props to Northwestern for turning that into a game last night. You even got the NCAA to admit it screwed up, which normally you have to beat the number one overall seed the first weekend and let everyone write about how the NCAA screwed up putting the second place B1G team with 4 senior starters who have played in more NCAA tournament games than everyone in the tournament as an eight seed, but I digress. Great season and it might not mean much, but at least you had a shot at the end when it looked like you were headed for an absolute fucksawing by Gonzaga about 10 minutes into that game. I caught almost none of the Purdue game, it was on in the background but I was at a college bar on a Saturday night so Purdue-Iowa State wasn’t a priority. Also I think we can say that maybe the Big Ten wasn’t quite so terrible this year, the top two teams in the conference made it to the Sweet 16. That’s four years in a row for the Badgers, but tell us more about that great 5 seed Minnesota deserved this year. Personally I’ll take winning more games in any one of six of the last seven NCAA tournaments than the Gophers have won combined in the last twenty years, but something something something non conference schedule. Yes I’m still salty. I spent almost a week with a Twitter timeline full of Gopher fans fapping over non conference schedules and RPI. I’ll give you a resume building win, Villanova on a neutral court. Michigan and Michigan State are in action today, Speth rooting interests are for Michigan because fuck Rick Pitino and Kansas because Villanova didn’t bust my brackets and I have Kansas winning it all in all except one of my brackets. Have a wonderful Sunday Funday and rest up for Friday night when the Badgers play Florida, which I honestly didn’t think would happen.