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2017 NCAA Tournament Preview: Flopsconsin Badgers

Can the most evil team in college basketball actually make the tourney? Hint: No

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Ohio State
What foul?!?
Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

SPOILER ALERT: flopsconsin will not make the NCAA tourney.

Record: 22-7 (11-5)

Remaining Schedule: Iowa Hawkeyes (3/2), (Minnesota Golden Gophers (3/5)

Probable Big Ten Tournament Seed: The 6 seed. Wisconsin is going to lose out, which all but guarantees them the 6 seed, which means they will play the winner of the 11 (probably Indiana) and 14 (rutger).

Probable NCAA Tournament seed: Out. After losing out to hated rivals Iowa and Minnesota, flopsconsin limps into the Big Ten tourney, where rutger pulls a stunning upset of Indiana, and wisconsin flops out of the tourney on a 5 game losing streak. With their RPI in free fall (would be in the mid 50s), and their SoS of schedule in the toilet (70s), all it would take is a couple of conference tourney upsets in other leagues to push them off the bubble.

Key Players: Punchable Center, Punchable Point Guard, Overrated NBA prospect

Can they make a run?

No, fuck wisconsin and their gotdamn stalling, flopping, sport killing, abomination of an eyesore team.