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Sweet Sixteen Live Gamethread

Michigan vs. Oregon; Purdue vs. Kansas for the B1G tonight

Iowa State v Purdue Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

So the first four days of March Madness are always a good time for the little guy (although not so much this year) and #teamchaos, but now it’s time for the big boys to play. Minnesota hour, err amatuer hour is over, and now we’re left with the top two teams from the regular season and the conference tournament champions. Caleb Swanigan has chance to lead the Boilermakers to an Elite Eight appearance in a match of strength against weakness for both teams. Can the Purdue frontcourt outplay the Kansas backcourt? In the other B1G match up tonight media’s Team of Destiny (vomits) plays against Oregon. While I would not bet against Michigan, if I have to spend even two more days hearing about Team of Destiny there are going to be problems. It’s bad enough there’s a Team of Destiny every year, it being Michigan this year is positively disgusting. Yes everyone is happy no one got hurt. No one is happy to be shoveled Team of Destiny crap. Go Ducks.

Normal thread rules apply, don’t be any more of jackwagons than you already are.