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2017 Big Ten Tournament: Where Does Your Team Stand Going Into The Final Weekend?

If you are not Purdue, there are still a ton of possibilities of where you end up.  Last night eliminated a lot but the uncertainty this year is huge.  Where will your team end up?

Let’s start this off: Purdue fans, this does not apply to you. Go ahead and just enjoy.

Everyone else? This is really, really complicated. Generally speaking, teams have at least locked up whether or not they are a single bye or a double bye at this point in time, or the worst four teams have sucked enough to have locked up playing on Wednesday. This year? Not the case. Hell, the current projected two seed could still theoretically fall to a six seed depending on what happens tonight. Rather than post the current standings, which pretty much will be shown to not mean anything, let’s just go team by team and where they could land:

Wisconsin Badgers

Current seed: 2

Range: 2 - 5

Yes, you read that right. Wisconsin can still fall to a five seed if they lose out. All of the national analysts have been saying this is the year of parody and we have all been proclaiming the Big Ten sucks and here is your proof. There are four days left in the regular season and the second place team could fall all the way to fifth.

A six seed was in play but the results of last night oddly eliminated that tiebreaker scenario.  Most likely seed: 2

Maryland Terrapins

Current Seed: 3

Range: 3 - 5

Maryland is in a precarious spot but very similar to Michigan State.  Win and you're in as a 3 seed.  Lose? Hope Minnesota loses so you get in off of the three team tie breaker.  h/t Minnesota fans for pointing out this one.

Michigan State

Current Seed: 5

Range: 3 - 6

Michigan State controls their destiny.  Win? 3 seed.  Lose? 5 or 6 seed depending if NW can win and get ahead of Sparty.

Minnesota Golden Gophers

Current Seed: 4

Range: 2 - 5

Minnesota can jump all the way to a two seed if they can beat Wisconsin this weekend.  If they don't? The outcome of the Maryland/Michigan State game is what determines their fate as they could drop out of the Top 4.

Northwestern Wildcats

Current Seed: 6

Range: 4 - 6

Tiebreakers again! Northwestern' win over Wisconsin is not pivotal because in the off-chance they get revenge on Purdue this weekend and both Maryland and Minnesota win, Northwestern is the four seed.  Otherwise? You're in the 6 range except for one scenario to get to 5.

Iowa Hawkeyes

Current Seed: 7

Range: 7 - 9

Iowa is guaranteed a single bye and are only playing for seeding right now. There is no way to secure a double bye but there is also no way to play on Wednesday. Iowa needs to keep winning if they want to make a little run at the bubble.

Michigan Wolverines

Current Seed: 8

Range: 7 - 9

Michigan dropped down to the 8 seed after a last second loss to Northwestern but can do no worse than a 9 seed currently. They can get back up to a 7 seed with a few different scenarios.

Illinois Fighting Illini

Current Seed: 9

Range: 7 - 9

Illinois is on a nice little win streak and are currently sitting on the 8/9 line day by day as game results come in. If they can keep this up? Things could get bubbly for them. As it is for the BTT, the 7 seed is their ceiling.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Current Seed: 10

Range: 10 - 12

Those new and exciting ways to blow an end of game turned around for them but it was too little too late. The best Ohio State can do is a 10 seed now but there is slightly under a 50% chance they end up playing on Wednesday.

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Current Seed: 11

Range: 10 - 13

A very up and down season for Nebraska is ending with only a slight chance to avoid playing on Wednesday. After opening up the season with three unexpected conference wins, Nebraska cooled off but played the dark horse upset threat all season long.

Indiana Hoosiers

Current Seed: 12

Range: 10 - 13

With a little better tiebreaker scenarios than Nebraska, Indiana has a 25% chance shot at a bye but probably a 80% chance of firing Crean after this season.

Penn State Nittany Lions

Current Seed: 13

Range: 11 - 13

Penn State has locked up their Wednesday game and now they're just fighting for playing during the day or at night. A rematch against rutger can't be that bad, can it?

rutger scarlet knights

Current Seed: 14

Range: 14

Congratulations on only being able to play spoiler to other peoples seeding opportunities. Seriously, as bad as the Big Ten is, rutger is that much worse being four games back from the next closest competitor.

I painstakingly went through and mapped out every chance each team has at what seed. I did this yesterday with more scenarios but it made it easier to delete than figure it out again. The full probabilities and scenarios can be found here:

Vote in the poll and let us know in the comments: What scenario do you see shaking out?