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Big Ten Tournament Set: Seeds, Times, TV, Schedule

All you need to know about the Big Ten Tournament: It’s set!

Is there some of Michigan-Nebraska left? Sure. But if Nebraska comes back from 30 down with 12 minutes to go, I will eat a wisconsin badgers hat sauteed with Malort and garlic.

Despite the best attempts of the Big Ten Illuminati to ruin the surprise for us ahead of the Michigan-Nebraska game, things are now set for the Big Ten Tournament:

Defiantly, I will continue to list times in God’s Time Zone, despite Jim Delany whoring our beloved Midwestern conference out to the East Coast for these games at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.


[12] Nebraska vs. [13] Penn State

3:30pm || BTN

Anything to play for? Pride, maybe Tim Miles’ job.

[11] Ohio State vs. [14] rutger

6pm || BTN

Anything to play for? Somehow Ohio State is still in the NIT running. So maybe that, if they can beat both rutger and Northwestern.


[8] Michigan vs. [9] Illinois

11am || BTN

Anything to play for? Apparently Illinois is somehow still the Last Team In, per Joe Lunardi, so they need this win to keep that dream alive. Michigan is in and close to locked, but a loss here could send them in a Dayton-bound direction with some extensive conference tourney shenanigans.

[5] Michigan State vs. Winner of Nebraska/Penn State

1:30pm || BTN

Anything to play for? Michigan State could use a win to right the ship and move back toward an 8-seed. A loss might send them careening toward a 10-seed or worse.

[7] Iowa vs. [10] Indiana

5:30pm || ESPN2

Anything to play for? Iowa still has the NCAA Tournament hopes, meaning the Hawkeyes will need a strong showing against a Hoosier team that can score. Indiana is an NIT club, but this would help their seeding case.

[6] Northwestern vs. Winner of Ohio State/rutger

8pm || ESPN2

Anything to play for? Keeping the last bit of structural integrity in my liver.

Quarterfinals (Friday)

[1] Purdue vs. Winner of Michigan/Illinois

11am || ESPN2

Anything to play for? Purdue desperately wants that 3- or 4-seed. A win here starts them in that direction.

[4] Minnesota vs. Michigan State/Nebraska/Penn State

1:30pm || ESPN2

Anything to play for? The Gophers aren’t hurting too much after a disappointing loss to wisconsin, but a win here could keep them around a 5-line.

[2] wisconsin vs. Winner of Iowa/Indiana

5:30pm || BTN

Anything to play for? The badgers are moving back in the right direction, and a finals run would put them back toward a 5-seed.

[3] Maryland vs. Northwestern/Ohio State/rutger

8pm || BTN

Anything to play for? Maryland has slid as low as an 8-seed in the last week. A run to the finals could bump them back toward a 6- or even (with some help) 5-seed.

Semifinals (Saturday)

Game 1: 12pm, CBS

Game 2: 2:30pm, CBS

My early picks here are Purdue/Michigan State and wisconsin/Maryland.

Final (Sunday)

2pm, CBS

Who’s your pick to run to the finals? I’m taking Purdue to beat Maryland.

Let us know in the comments! Stay tuned for a BTT Pick’em (if I get off my lazy backside) in the next couple days.