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Big Ten Lacrosse: Week 8 and Week 9

B1G vs B1G vs B1G

Maryland Athletics

We are in week 2 of conference play! Yes, I dropped the ball last week with this article (No, it wasn’t because Rutgers lost and Penn State was number 1), but what’s better than one week of lacrosse summed up in an article? Two weeks of lacrosse summed up in one article!

Quick Week 8 Recap

(Rankings correspond to those when they played)

#13, Johns Hopkins upset #7, Rutgers 12-6

Great defense from the Blue Jays and no offensive furor from the Scarlet Knights even after they were knocked from #1 all but sealed this game away.

#9, Maryland demolished #19, Michigan 15-8

Terps had a super-powered offense and every time Michigan tried to close the gap, Maryland would pull away.

#2, Penn State downed #5, Ohio State 9-4

Penn State controlled most of the game and the Nittany Lions’ defense was firing on all cylinders forcing 12 turnovers. Ohio State won the faceoff game though, for sure,

Week 9

#8, Maryland vs. #1, Penn State

Penn State has been the latest victim of the D1 lacrosse’s #1 ranking curse. I’m starting to think there are other factors at play here...

The Terrapins defeated the Nittany Lions 15-11 and the Terps were just an efficient lacrosse machine on Saturday. Turns out it was also their senior day, so the Terrapins were playing with a ton of heart and ruined Penn State’s perfect season and earned their 3rd win against a ranked opponent in a row. Maryland seniors Matt Rambo and Colin Heacock were the offensive backbone of the team and goalie Dan Morris made the saves that needed to be saved. Penn State shouldn’t sell themselves too short over this game. 2017 is only the second time a Penn State lacrosse team has reached the impressive record of 10-0. It’s not like this game was a blowout. PSU freshman Mac O'Keefe scored 3 goals, and senior Nick Aponte, sophomore Grant Ament, and senior Mike Sutton each had 2. The Nittany Lions forced four turnovers and were playing like a solid team. Maryland just had a little more to fight for. Penn State drops to #7, and Maryland moves up to #3, in the rankings.

Up next for #3, Maryland: @ #5, UAlbany, Wednesday, April 12

(Maryland is the only B1G team with a non-conference game in the middle of the “conference” play)

Up next for #7, Penn State: @ #13, Johns Hopkins, Saturday, April 15th

Maryland Athletics

#13, Rutgers vs. Michigan

I do feel bad that Michigan was knocked out of the rankings in the previous week. Lacrosse is a super dynamic and tough league this year though, so there should be no downcast feelings for Michigan fans. They still play tough. Rutgers, of course, played tougher and got both their first win Big Ten win of the season, and first win since reaching the cursed #1 ranking. The Scarlet Knights slayed the Wolverines in the Big House 14-7 and freshman Kieran Mullins scored a career high 8 goals!!! Michigan’s offense outscored Rutgers 4-1 in the final period, but it was too little too late. Michigan’s Ian King scored three goals and had three assist and broke U-M's all-time career goal record with 89. Pretty awesome. Rutgers moves up to #11 in the rankings.

Up next for #11, Rutgers: vs #3, Maryland, Sunday, April 16th

Up next for Michigan: vs #9, Ohio State, Saturday, April 15th

Rutgers Athletics

#9, Ohio State vs. #11, Johns Hopkins

The Buckeyes dispatched the Blue Jays 13-9 on Sunday. Johns Hopkins was was leading 7-6 at halftime, but ran out of steam and were outscored by Ohio State 7-2 in the second half. Ohio State’s control of the second half was furthered by shutting out JHU completely in the 3rd quarter which remained in a deadlocked 7-7 for the majority of its duration. Ohio State ended a two game losing streak, and Johns Hopkins shattered their two game winning streak. Junior Shack Stanwick of the Blue Jays, a great offensive player, scored 2 goals (not surprising— he has scored points in 43 consecutive games). Ohio State’s defense was very strong and are the 4th scoring defense in the nation. Freshman Lukas Buckley and sophomore Jack Jasinski carried the 4th quarter offense scoring five of Ohio State’s six goals as they pulled away from JHU for the win. Ohio State remains at #9 and Johns Hopkins falls to #13.

Up next for #9, Ohio State: @ Michigan, Saturday, April 15th

Up next for #13, Johns Hopkins: vs. #7, Penn State, Saturday, April 15th

Ohio State Athletics