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B1G 2017 // Janarion Grant is Awesome

He is number one!

Reader/Viewer Discretion Advised: Lots of awesome videos ahead of a dynamic and exciting football player who brings a smile to every true football fan’s face, and this player plays for... Rutgers.

But first.

Dear Universe, God, Zeus, Jupiter, Ra, Odin, Brahma, Great Spirit, The Force, Nine Divines, Eywa, Kratos, Raava, Hylian Goddesses, whoever.



You read yesterday that Rutgers Football and fans expect Janarion Grant to be an impact player this year. Well, Janarion’s record and big plays speak for themselves as to why we are so pumped he chose a fifth year at Rutgers over the NFL Draft after a season ending injury. Anyone who loves football, should be ecstatic that Grant is back and ready to zip through defenses. Last year, during the Iowa game, Grant was running for the endzone when he got tangled up with Desmond King who stepped on his ankle and broke it. I’ve included the clip below, not for the injury, but just so you can see how Grant plays against a B1G team and the last big play Grant had in 2016. I mean, look at him go! And the Rutgers crowd just loves him of course. The way this game was going for both teams (low scoring, defense match), had we still had that offensive spark with Grant, it very well could have been a Big Ten win for Rutgers in the 2016 season.

But obviously, Rutgers lost not only the game, but our best offensive player, and boy did our lack of offensive depth and big play-making ability show with injuries abound in, not just Grant, but QB Gio Rescigno, and RB’s Josh Hicks, and Robert Martin. We just couldn’t move the ball and 3-and-outs, scoring droughts, and shut outs became a staple of Rutgers’ 2016 after Grant’s injury.

But now, we look forward to 2017, a new chance for Rutgers to quiet the haters and the critics, and I think Janarion Grant is precisely the player to help us with this endeavor. There was worry that Janarion would declare for the NFL draft, but on January 17th, he brought massive joy to the Rutgers community by announcing his decision to stay at Rutgers for a fifth year. With regards to this big decision, in a recent interview with the star wide receiver, he said: "When I went home and talked to my family -- and I talked to my coaches before I went home -- we talked about the important things in life ... When I came back, I just knew I made the right decision to stay." Those words mean a lot to Rutgers fans. We are soooo excited to see this in the fall:

And this.

Aaaaand this.

Grant as QB?

Did you know that Grant is also in the running for time as Quarterback in 2017? Want to see why?

Just kidding, these are not the reasons why he could potentially be a quarterback in 2017. Rather, the reasons why he was able to make these plays to begin with was because, in addition to wide receiver and kick/punt returner, he played a little bit of quarterback in high school (and defensive back... and running back...). Grant is a genuine natural athlete and Rutgers is so lucky to have him on more than just special teams.

His 2016 season may have been cut short, but that’s why I think the college football world will see the ultimate Janarion Grant. He will be taking his last year to show Rutgers fans, the Big Ten, and the NFL even more of what he’s made of and spend another year at the school and program that has become a part of this Florida native’s identity.

We’re smiling too, Janarion
Saed Hindash | NJ Advance Media for

Awesome Janarion Grant Things

  1. Rutgers All-Time Kickoff Return Yardage Leader
  2. Tied NCAA Record for Combined Kick Return Touchdowns
  3. Criminal Justice Major

And... Thanks, I guess?

I gotta hand it to Kyle Flood, Grant may just be his best recruit and probably the only gift that actually keeps on giving in a good way.

Anyway, I honestly could go on and on and share a bunch more videos of Grant being awesome, but you already that he is, so I’ll leave it at what I have so far. I am eager to see him run all over your teams this season.

Happy Rutgers Week everyone.

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