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rutger University, Will You Please Go Now!

With all credit and apologies to Dr. Seuss for affiliating his genius with such a shitty institution.

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The real Dr. Seuss would use some pseudonym rather than be associated with rutger.
Dr. Suess and BigRedTwice

The time has come.

The time has come.

The time is now.

Just go.



I don’t care how.

You got fucked by terp.

You got fucked by cow (fuck wisconsin).

rutger University will you fucking go now!

You can go on skates (fuck Minnesota).

You can go on skis (seriously, fuck Minnesota) .

You can go in a hat (fuck both jNW and Illinois).

But fuck off.


You’ve been fucked by Blue (fuck Michigan)

and in the horseshoe (get fucked, Ohio State)

Just fucking go.

Fuck off, you.

rutger University

I don’t care how.

rutger University

will you fuck off


Dantonio fucked you.

And even the Hoosiers did, too.

You’ll never catch the Lions’ tail.

Your team speed is like a snail.

rutger University

Don’t you know?

The time has come

Fuck off and go!

Please, rutger U!

Schiano who?

The AAC might not say, "Fuck you!"

You can go by helium balloon (Fuck Nebraska).

And get fucked with a BOOM!

A space shuttle is kind of like a jet.

I don’t care.

Just fuck off and get.

rutger, rutger, rutger!

Will you leave this league!

rutger University

I don’t care HOW!

rutger University

Will you fuck off now!

I said




I meant...

The time had come.


rutger went.

Based on Dr. Suess’s "Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!" It’s a great book, in the same way that rutger is horrible at sports.