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A Request from Rutgers Fans

And a simple hidden message

(Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Rutgers Week comes to a close and I’m sure there’s a lot of Friday hate from Big Ten

Fans out there, but that’s why I decided to balance the hate with some simple pRide.

Don’t count Rutgers out regarding our future in this conference. All we ask is that you

Actually attempt to make some effort and

Give us a chance to get to a level where we can compete and win games.

A level where we consistently bring in top recruits and start to make you say,

“F**k,” when you see us on the schedule. You don’t need to believe in a dynasty.

About all we Rutgers fans can ask you for is to just let us believe and be positive.

What does allowing Rutgers fans to see a bright future for our program hurt?

You know deep down that Rutgers being good at football is good for the Big Ten.

Think about it. RU Rah Rah!

I will add that, in addition to the above simple request, there’s one image that is an excellent summary for how Rutgers Fans feel with regards to our unrelenting haters. I am unfortunately experiencing a glitch trying to embed it, but here’s the link! I hope this image gets our mindset across better. :)

Anyway, thanks for tuning in to Rutgers Week 2017, the first week of Off Tackle Empire’s B1G 2017 Previews and Analyses! I really enjoyed kicking off the series of weeks which lead up to the greatest time of the year, buuuut here’s hoping we won’t finish last in the Big Ten again. I’ve linked all the Rutgers Week items below. Thanks for being a great audience! /Zuzu out.

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