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Iowa Safety Brandon Snyder Injures Knee

The injury bug bites Iowa early this year

Iowa v Penn State Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

According to this report on NBC College Football Talk, the university confirmed that Brandon Snyder is out indefinitely with a torn ACL.

The normal timeline for this type of injury means that he is likely to miss a good portion of the season, or all of it. Jake Gervase, a sophomore, is his likely replacement.

Of course anyone would feel sorry for a kid losing a year to injury. I also feel sorry for the Iowa Hawkeyes. I am not their biggest fan, but it seems like every year it’s a similar story for them. A team that doesn’t quite get the recruits tries, but ultimately is done in because of a rash of injuries. It would make for a nice movie, except America loves a winner, and Iowa just never quite gets there.

I remember years ago, playing a video game on internets, when a Florida fan and an Iowa fan were commiserating about the injury bug. This was shortly before Urban Meyer was hired at Florida, to give you an idea of the timeline. I can’t really go into details, because things said during video games are rarely politically correct, but the commiserating turned into a competition on who suffered more. The Iowa fan won.

From a practical sense, Iowa loses is the third leading tackler from a year ago, and a safety that started all 13 games. For a defensive minded team, that’s a huge loss.

From an emotional standpoint, they lose a former walk on that was a starter, and a feeling of “here we go again.”