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Maryland Potluck, Day 4: Transfers are helping Maryland in 2017. Are they a good thing for college football?

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Talking NCAA college football transfer rules, potential reforms to the system, and how Maryland stands to benefit in 2017.

Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio - Wisconsin v Oregon

It might not feel like it, but it is worth remembering - or at least worth reiterating - that the Maryland Terrapins were a bowl team last year. How did that happen you might ask? If it’s not the defense, which we have covered somewhat extensively, then how did they make it happen? I guess the offense... Sure, let’s roll with that.

With QB Perry Hills, former wrestler, and Caleb Rowe, INT machine, and Tyrell Pigrome, True Freshman starter, somewhat ineffective, you’ll be surprised to know that Maryland was actually in the top half on yards per play in the Big Ten. While that’s not much of a question, it’s a good place to start this conversation.

It looks like the Terps are going to be starting former UNC transfer Caleb Henderson - according to our friend DJ - and that leads me to what I really want to talk about. The NCAA transfer market seems to be a huge part of the new world of College Football. At Nebraska, you’re about to see former Tulane QB, Tanner Lee take the first snaps next September. It’s just what kids are doing these days if they see a better opportunity, which I support.

That in mind, what do you think about this transfer-heavy world? Is it something you want your school participating in? Do you have an important player who will be coming in after taking the mandatory year off? Are there rules that should be created to encourage/discourage the practice? Lastly, imagine you could add one transfer to get your team ‘over the hump’ that year. Who would it be and how would it help? I’m picking literally any QB that can throw a football in 2009. That Nebraska Cornhuskers defense deserved better.

Townie: lets not forget that Wisconsin’s best quarterback in recent memory was a grad transfer from N.C. State. Penn State’s recent experience with transfers is mainly in the other direction. We’ve lost kids that could have contributed.

Some names that come to mind are OL Tanner Hartman, LB Troy Reeder, WR Geno Lewis, and TE Adam Breneman. These kids would all be competing for playing time, if not starting outright. I’m okay with kids moving around to find a better fit. Hartman left when B’OB left, that’s fine with me.

If I could snag one transfer, it would be a big, athletic offensive lineman. I’d love to get a road grader to open holes for Saquan Barkley this season...damn, that would be great.

MNW: As it so happens, Northwestern got just that! Right tackle Trey Klock joins the ‘Cats from Georgia Tech with two years of eligibility remaining (he’ll be getting an MBA). Before him, Kyle Prater was a great add who turned into one of Northwestern fans’ favorite targets of criticism but finally developed his fifth year.

For Maryland, I’m a little concerned as an opposing team’s fan for just how good Caleb Henderson could be for the Terps. He’s had a year just on the sideline with Walt Bell, and if Testudo Times is to be believed and the offense really does cut down on QB decision-making, Henderson could be deadly in an up-tempo offense that gets the ball out fast. This seems like a transfer that Maryland stands to profit big-time from.

I am very OK with transferring as a concept, and it’s not going out on too much of a limb to say that I’d like to see restrictions relaxed on the year transfers are forced to sit out (when a coach leaves, etc). Simply asking ADs to sign a waiver allowing them to play immediately somewhere else isn’t good enough, in my mind. Then again, I’m also not compensated at nearly a high enough rate to tell you what the solution is. The rule allowing players with a BA to transfer, get a Master’s, and play immediately is a good rule. That’s as hot as I can taek today.

BRT: I don't really have a philosophical problem with transfers. I'm sure it adds a layer of complexity to recruiting and coaching, but hey, those guys earn the big bucks. These kids don't have a lot of years to play college football, so I don't have a problem with them trying to make that happen. And a lot of things outside of a player's control can happen in a year or two, and so I think it's good that there is some flexibility in the system that allows them to respond to that.

I think Nebraska's transfer situation is more interesting in other sports right now than in football. At the end of the season, big departures from the men's basketball team raised questions (and stakes) about imperiled coach Tim Miles. On a much more positive side, the women's volleyball team has largely been a beneficiary of transfers (especially from the SEC hahaha suckas!) Briana Holman has been a great addition to the team from LSU, and several year ago standout Kelsey Robinson arrived from Tennessee.

Stew: Football players transfer OUT of Iowa, not into. Seriously, look at the numbers. Though, there was Ron Coluzzi, graduate transfer punter, gymnast, and personal foul drawer.

Fuck Michigan

I miss Ron Coluzzi.

JWS: First, with regards to transferring, I think it should be even more open. College football should be about the students first, and these kids get locked into contracts when they are 18, based on how they played in high school when they were 15 and 16. Coaches don’t need to sit out a season before moving up or down or sideways, so I am not really sure why students should have to. Personally, I think it should be open transfer for each 2 years a kid progresses toward his degree. I am ok with colleges putting 5 to 10 teams on a list so the kid has to sit out if he goes to one of those schools.

It’s funny that you should mention that one player to get the team over the hump, and that would be last season for the Buckeyes. I was actually running this scenario in my mind just the other day. Their offense was completely shut down once teams realized their receivers couldn’t get open. Corey Davis, who was at WMU, would have made a huge difference. It’s easy to say Clemson put up 35 on them, but their offense literally did nothing that game. He wouldn’t have scored 36 all on his own, but he would have changed the dynamic of the game. The defense would have gotten some help from the offense, at least. I still don’t think it’s a win, but it’s at least a ballgame.

Davis was obviously a big school talent, but because his grades weren’t so great in high school, he was basically locked into a group of 5 school simply because of choices he made at 16. We aren’t talking about murder, we are talking about missing some homework assignments. The flip side to Davis is a kid at a place like Ohio State that gets passed by a superstar that happens to be a year younger. This guy doesn’t get to play college football, and has to ride the pine for the entirety of his college career. Life, and careers, are too short to not allow movement.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments: Should transfers be allowed to play right away? Will Henderson lead the Terrapins out onto the field in Texas come September? Have you been enjoying Maryland Week, and why not?