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Maryland: The Soundtrack for the Weekend

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Because after an entire week of Maryland, what you really need is a playlist to keep the party going.

(Better late than never, right?)

After looking through multiple sources, consulting with babaoreally, and sort of fudging connections, it was a little refreshing to get to a state that has spawned a lot of music. Is it all good music? Well, depends on how you feel about O.A.R. I guess. Nonetheless, it’s time for your soundtrack for the weekend, Maryland style.

(1) Mind on Fire - Dan Deacon: Look, this guy is amazing, insane, and messes with your head. If there is a better descriptor of how you feel when you look at a Maryland Terrapins uniform - minus perhaps the amazing part - I’d challenge you to find it.

(2) Master of None - Beach House:

Jack of all trades

Master of none

Crying all the time

Cuz I'm not having fun

I mean, I’m not even sure what that means, but this Maryland native seems to have a point about the Terps football team, right? I don’t know. I love this song, though.

(3) My Neighbor - Wye Oak:

Graham should be really proud of this week’s soundtrack. Beach House AND Wye Oak? It’s like a hipster paradise up in here. Anyhow, what better track to thank the Big Ten for somehow being neighborly, contiguous, and inviting.

(4) Running from Lions - All Time Low:

Time for my weekly confessional time. I bought this album. It’s not great. It’s harder to listen to now. Also, this is for all of our Penn State friends.

(5) Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous - Good Charlotte:

I don’t feel nearly as bad for buying this album because everyone else did. Also, I’m dating myself ever so slightly. Also also, welcome to the B1G Maryland. You get a mansion for stopping by.

(6) Hocus Pocus - Animal Collective:

Something something something... your uniforms look like a magicians uniform... something something something.

(7) Lord Willin’ - Logic:

A short thought on Logic. This guy might be one of the best rappers alive, and it’s partly because his rhymes are tight. But, also because he’s managed to secure airtight production. The new album is good, but I didn’t feel like putting one of those tracks on here because I just don’t understand the feel of the project yet. Anyhow, this is a great track. Enjoy.

(8) Silent All These Years - Tori Amos:

Let’s be honest, this is how a lot of people feel about Maryland. Like, you know? You’re here? Also, Tori Amos, right?

(9) I Don’t Want To Cry Anymore - Billie Holiday:


(10) Bye Bye Bye - NSync:

For your boy J.C. Chasez. Also, seems fitting towards the end of a playlist.

(110 All or Nothing At All - Billie Holiday:

She deserves two tracks. Have a great weekend everybody.