Non-Conference Games I'd Like to See

Every off-season, some of the biggest news is about which teams have scheduled future non-conference games against each other. Reading several of those stories recently got me thinking about some games I'd like to see Big Ten teams play.


I decided to come up with a list of three Power 5 schools for each Big Ten school that would make for interesting match-ups to me. I used a few simple guidelines in choosing the teams:

  1. They can't have played in the regular season in the past 10 years
  2. They can't be on a future schedule
  3. They should be decent match-ups (no Alabama vs Rutgers)
  4. There should be some reason to pair them
  5. Try to be geographically diverse (not just SEC vs everyone)


These are the series I came up with. I'll give brief explanations for why I chose some of them.


1. AZ - a fellow hoops school that always seems like it should be better at football than it is

2. UNC - see above

3. MS - they have brief flashes of excellence in between long periods of sucking


1. UK - hoops blueblood with bad football history

2. KU - see above

3. Duke - see above


1. KSU - similar fans, similar states, similar teams, all the Coach Snyder ties

2. ASU - lots of alumni in the desert

3. MO - border war


1. OR - ugly uniforms

2. ASU - another school that should be better than it is and has some good history at football

3. AR - Whose fans would feel more out of place at the road game?


1. USC - obvious

2. TN - battle of the giant stadiums

3. Stanford - Harbaugh!

Michigan State

1. Utah - recent power, blue collar team

2. TCU - recent power, built its reputation on defense

3. Stanford - recent power, similar team


1. SC - a flagship program that just hasn't had a ton of success

2. WV - two cold weather teams, the offenses could be interesting

3. MO - close by, not great lately


1. UF - almost like returning to the Orange Bowl days

2. LSU - another big name program that just can't get over the hump lately

3. AU - AU is to AL as NE is to OU lately


1. KSU - purple wildcats

2. UCLA - their best chance to return to the Rose Bowl any time soon

3. MsSU - watch the fan bases intermingle for real entertainment

Ohio State

1. UGA - they had to cancel the series due to the B10/P12 deal that then fell apart

2. Pitt - one of OSU's most frequent opponents historically and a drivable game

3. FSU - two heavyweights slugging it out

Penn State

1. UF - two kings that haven't played each other much

2. OU - two kings that haven't played each other much

3. USC - two kings that haven't played each other much (plus Rose Bowl payback)


1. NCSU - another non-flagship that just can't seem to prosper lately

2. GT - engineer fight with everyone in gold

3. TT - another non-flagship with limited success and spread offense history


1. WF - both suck

2. KU - see above, also NYC vs flyover country

3. ISU - see above, also NYC vs flyover country


1. OR - both almost reached the pinnacle but neither could get a title, great contrast in styles

2. Miami - hot vs cold, power vs finesse, please play in Miami in September and in Madison in November

3. Baylor - recent success, contrasting styles


I didn't put a ton of time into some of these. Some of these teams have just never played each other.

Do you have better choices for your team (or another team)? Let me know in the comments.

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