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Could Big Ten teams schedule league foes for non-conference games?

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One AD hints that it’s on the table.

Rutgers v Wisconsin Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

From that weird ESPN sidebar thing that only lets you retweet them, not link to them:

Adam Rittenberg || ESPN Staff Writer

Northwestern AD Jim Phillips said the prospect of scheduling a nonleague game against a Big Ten opponent isn't off the table, as nonleague scheduling has increasingly become more difficult. "There's been some discussions of that. I know we've had a discussion a few years ago about potentially doing that with a (Big Ten) school we didn't face on the calendar."

Outside of me defying you to tell me this hasn’t been happening since 2014, this would be an...intriguing proposal. There aren’t a ton of teams from the east I’m disappointed in missing on Northwestern’s schedule, save for the nostalgia of playing real Big Ten foes like Indiana, Ohio State, and the Michigans, though it would reinforce the idea that Maryland is basically a non-conference opponent anyways.

While this would be a cost-saving measure (why pay Florida Atlantic $1.2MM when rutger will do?), I just don’t see it getting off the ground unless teams are really, really concerned about getting a home game here or there while maintaining their bottom line. And I can’t imagine a bottom-tier team going full 1991 Northwestern and taking a payout to give Ohio State a home game in this day and age.

What say you, commentariat? In-league teams for non-conference foes?


Should Big Ten teams play in-league opponents for non-conference games?

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  • 38%
    Sure, do whatever.
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  • 2%
    Yes, but I don’t want my team doing it.
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  • 3%
    Yes, but only if my team is getting paid for it.
    (7 votes)
  • 28%
    No, unless there’s a last-minute scheduling change.
    (60 votes)
  • 25%
    No, unconditionally.
    (54 votes)
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    Other (comments, yo)
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