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B1G 2017 // That New Coach Smell

Why fly business class if you have a new coach?

NCAA Basketball: Cleveland State at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

You probably don’t read OTE articles for the hard-hitting, in-depth, no-nonsense Purdue football articles. That’s good because that is not what this article is going to be about. It’s mostly going to be twitter posts, with maybe a gif or meme thrown in as a shameless article-lengthener.

Potentially Useful Information Section about Jeff Brohm

Purdue fired their football coach in 2016 and hired a new one for 2017. The new one is Jeff Brohm, who was previously the coach at Western Kentucky University. I don’t want to be accused of hot-taking for clicks, but I think he will be a good coach.

Since I am very far from even having a remedial knowledge of the many intricacies of the sport of football at the intercollegiate level, please read the following articles by experts (or “experts”) about Jeff Brohm.

How Jeff Brohm’s unique offense can make Purdue fun again - by Ian Boyd

Purdue hits the jackpot by hiring Jeff Brohm as head coach - by Brian Bennett

Jeff Brohm Wikipedia article - mostly by DMC511, with help from Mild Bill Hiccup

Let’s Have Some Fun

Now for some random stuff related to the new Purdue Coaching Staff:

Nothing gets recruits fired up like the promise of a narrow hallway with exposed insulation.

The new coaching staff decided it would be fun to embarrass their own defense in the always-important Spring Game.

The coaching staff is very proud of a random website saying that the food is good. That guy’s food honestly doesn’t look as good as the Philly Cheese Steaks with Bacon I used to eat every Friday at the dorm, but Purdue was probably ranked #1 back then.

While this coaching staff didn’t recruit Mike Alstott’s son, he’s probably happy that he will have competent coaches now.

Works on contingency? No, money down!

The first quote that appears for the search term “Jeff Brohm” on the fantastic website QuoteHD.

Pretty weak effort here. If you are throwing the first pitch at a softball game, you have to throw a softball pitch. Not a baseball pitch with a softball.

Here’s the obligatory XFL clip.

We’ll end it with whatever this is. The first four results for “brohm” on youtube are not related to either Brian or Jeff Brohm, but to some crazy Asian-style cartoon.

B1G 2017: Purdue Week

MONDAY | Cocktail Party Preview

TUESDAY | New Coaches

WEDNESDAY | Let’s visit beautiful West Lafayette, IN 47906

THURSDAY | Basketball Recap

FRIDAY | Hate is my favorite color