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B1G 2017 // Google Reviews Purdue

A guide to campus facilities courtesy of google map reviews.


Purdue University is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. It’s a little over an hour north of Indianapolis and two hours south of Chicago. If you happen to find yourself in the area, consider yourself lucky. There are all kinds of fun things to do, places to visit, eateries to eat at, and drinkeries to drink at.

Today we are going to concentrate on the facilities of the Purdue campus. Like many colleges, Purdue is made up of a bunch of buildings and fields and whatnot. Rather than trying to write something myself, I’m going to let the fine folks who write reviews on google mas take care of it.

The CoRec

Just built in 2014, the CoRec is a first class training center with several levels of squat racks, machines, free weights, cardio equipment and tracks and many other odd things I couldn't name. - Ariana Sky *****

I agree that the CoRec is a five star facility, but it was already there when my dad went to Purdue. Ms. Sky must be referring to the massive renovation that they did. It is definitely an impressive facility that you can play pick up basketball or lift weights or swim or play squash in.

Everything you need for a good workout. Only issue with corec are some of the rules that I don't agree with. - David Park ****

I’d really like Mr. Park to tell us which rules that he doesn’t agree with.

Motorcycle Parking Lot

There is no more iconic Motorcycle Parking Lot at Purdue University than this one. Check it out if you are in the area. You won’t regret it. There haven’t been any reviews written about this parking lot; it’s sort of a well-kept secret around campus.

Purdue Memorial Union

There are a lot of reviews for the Union, which has a bunch of places to eat as well as a small bowling alley. Most of them are positive, a few are not. Here is a sampling of the best reviews that I found:

The food is overpriced and generally less than stellar. Interior spaces are boring and uninspired. Student workers are seemingly unaware of customer service practices. Avoid at all costs. Only good thing is the very clean bathroom on the first floor at the north end. - Robert Richardson *

Last choice to have the food. - Yuesong Xie ****

Civil Engineering Building

This is where my office is located. - Chang Liao *****

Gateway to the Future Arch

It’s a nice gateway for sure, but they’re going to have to rename it Gateway to the Arch when they finally get that arch finished. - babaoreally ***


I use restroom at terminal when my roommate is take shower for longtime. 24/7 clean. - Nikita Sodell *****

Wiley Dining Court

Given the limits of a college food court, Wiley provides really good food, especially a good selection of meat choices for lunch and dinner. Vegetarians may be disappointed and will probably prefer other food courts, but they will definitely find something to eat here as well. - Julian Herzog *****

Expensive. My pasta got stolen. Gave me food poisoning. - A Google User **

I wonder what it would take to get a one star review from A Google User.

Potter Engineering Library

Best of all the spots on campus to sleep! Potter is super quiet, relaxing, and offers plenty of space to check out between classes. The building is old and adds that old school charm to help forget you'll have to stay up til 3 tonight because procrastination. - Luke Wahl *****

Building seems run down - Nicholas Goodlett **

Ross-Ade Stadium

Stadium is state of the art for 1975. However it is a wonderful place to experience college football. Intimate facility. No frills. Wide concourses. Plenty of concessions. Plenty of parking. Super friendly fans. A throwback. - Robert Strunck *****

It’s a little too easy to win here. Benches were a little uncomfortable for the starters to rest on the final three quarters of the game when it got out of hand. - Visiting Team ***

Plan on cramped leg space, and I'm short. Thankfully it was a practically empty stadium so I could stretch out my legs - Nikila Herr ****

Decent looking stadium - Troy Lawson ***

Purdue always loses - Zachary Stanley *

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