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The Best and Only Preseason Top 25 College Basketball Rankings You Will Need for 2017

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Because really, how many do you need?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Kansas vs Michigan State Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

While we were busy taking potshots at our B1G rivals, and catching up on Netflix, our buddies over at Card Chronicle were hard at work. After immersing themselves in preseason knowledge, they put up their way too early top 25 for next basketball season. An updated version, no less.

Like every sports fan ever, whenever these lists come out, I pounce, ready to rip their predictions to shreds.

Unfortunately I read the list and was mostly satisfied. I don’t know if I have ever been more disappointed in all my life. First, as usual, I checked to see where the writer put his favorite team. Most way overvalue their teams, while the rest are convinced the sky is falling.

Louisville, 12. I can’t argue with that. I suppose I could take some shots at scandal, but that’s really like shooting fish in a barrel and way overdone.

Next, I hurriedly scanned for everyone’s darling last year, Northwestern. Or at least everyone that went to Medill. Long dead print journalists dug their way out of the afterlife, searching for any microphone they could find. Clearly, this guy either was pro Northwestern, and would have them in the top 10, or nauseated like the rest of us, and was going to leave them off the list completely.

23. That’s pretty fair for a team that made the second round and returns so much.

Now what? My Buckeyes, not mentioned, as they shouldn’t be. Miles Bridges and Michigan State, top 5. Makes perfect sense. Wisconsin, Michigan, and Purdue not ranked but listed. Sure.

Let’s see what else we have. Minnesota is possibly a little low at 17, but for this early, I can’t complain. Alabama might be way too low at 19, but there is absolutely no way I will ever give them any credit unless I have to. Their football team receives plenty, no need to pile on more accolades prematurely.

College basketball is very volatile from year to year, and then again during the season, so preseason lists don’t really hold a lot of weight. This one is good enough that I don’t see a need to keep checking for new lists until the middle of the season, or beyond. Of course I will look for each and every one, so I that I can tell people on the internet that they are wrong, with absolutely no shame or recollection of all the bad predictions I have made over the years.


How did the fellows over at Card Chronicle do ranking your favorite team?

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    Fantastic, those guys are really smart!
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    What a bunch of idiots, my team is way too low!
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    What a bunch of idiots, my team is way too high!
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    What a bunch of idiots, what were we talking about again?
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