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2017 Purdue Basketball Recap

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Big Ten Champs in a Down Big Ten

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Purdue vs Iowa State James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Rather than keep writing football articles, I am going to use my Thursday soapbox to write the Purdue basketball recap that I was supposed to do a couple of weeks ago.

The Good

Purdue won its first Big Ten conference championship since 2010, and its first outright title since 1996. While the Big Ten was not full of good teams this past year, the winner of a group of losers is still a winner. Purdue was a winner.

Caleb Swanigan turned into an absolutely spectacular player. Swanigan averaged over 18 points and 12 rebounds per game, and was a unanimous All-American. He was named as the Big Ten Player of the Year.

The Boilers also turned into a good three-point shooting team, which was fun to watch.

There were a lot of impressive road wins, including Maryland, Michigan State, Michigan, and Northwestern. Northwestern was so mad about the loss, they tore up the whole gym and won’t return to Welsh-Ryan Arena until 2018.

Purdue beat Indiana twice in basketball, which is always cool.

Purdue finally won a game at the Crossroads Challenge when they beat Notre Dame.

The Boilers advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in the tournament. That’s not fantastic, but it makes up for the past two seasons when they blew leads right at the end of the game to lose in the first round.

The Bad

The one conference game I went to see was an overtime loss against Minnesota.

Purdue somehow lost at Nebraska this season.

The Ugly

Purdue ended an excellent season by being outscored by 25 points in the second half against Kansas and losing by 32 points. That’s an ugly way to end a great season.

The Aftermath

Caleb Swanigan has not signed with an agent, but I think there is about a 10% chance he comes back to Purdue. Assistant Coach Jack Owens took the head coach job at Miami (Ohio). Spike Albrecht has used up his eligibility.

The Future

While Purdue may not be the odds on favorite to win the B1G again next year, they should still be a solid team. It will be hard to replace Swanigan, but Dakota Mathias, Vincent Edwards, Carsen Edwards, Isaac Haas, and the rest should be able to compete and win a lot of games next season. Next season will be interesting and I’m looking for it.

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