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B1G Baseball Update 4/18 - 5/4

As we enter May we come to the final month of the regular season. Come see what each team needs to do for the final push to the conference title and postseason.

So what do you say, folks? How about we kill another 3 hours on our slow and painful march to the grave?
So what do you say, folks? How about we kill another 3 hours on our slow and painful march to the grave?
Maryland 13-5-0 .722 30-13-0 .698 18-1-0 7-10-0 5-2-0 8-2-0 W1
Nebraska 9-5-1 .633 26-16-1 .616 12-5-0 11-5-1 3-6-0 6-4-0 W2
Michigan 9-6-0 .600 33-10-0 .767 18-4-0 9-4-0 6-2-0 7-3-0 W2
Minnesota 9-6-0 .600 26-15-0 .634 13-10-0 13-5-0 0-0-0 5-5-0 L1
Iowa 9-6-0 .600 27-16-0 .628 16-3-0 5-10-0 6-3-0 5-5-0 L1
Purdue 9-6-0 .600 25-18-0 .581 9-4-0 16-14-0 0-0-0 7-3-0 W7
Indiana 10-7-1 .583 24-17-2 .581 9-7-1 12-8-1 3-2-0 7-3-0 W1
Michigan State 7-8-0 .467 23-17-0 .575 7-5-0 12-10-0 4-2-0 4-6-0 W1
Rutgers 5-7-0 .417 17-25-0 .405 6-9-0 11-16-0 0-0-0 4-6-0 W1
Northwestern 6-9-0 .400 17-26-0 .395 9-12-0 8-14-0 0-0-0 5-5-0 L2
Illinois 5-10-0 .333 19-23-0 .452 9-8-0 9-13-0 1-2-0 6-4-0 W3
Ohio State 5-10-0 .333 17-27-0 .386 6-14-0 6-8-0 5-5-0 3-7-0 L3
Penn State 2-13-0 .133 14-29-0 .326 8-8-0 4-19-0 2-2-0 2-8-0 L3

The weather is finally turning nice* and that means May is upon us which gives each team three more weekends to either get to the top of the conference or die trying. The Terps still hold sway over the conference with Nebraska and a four team log jam in 3rd place not far behind. Since the B1G tournament is at the end of the month included will be what remaining B1G series each team faces and the probability they'll be part of the final eight at Bart Kaufman Field. RPI as of 5/4/17

*offer probably not valid in Minnesota

Illinois 19-23 (5-10) RPI: 131

04/28/17 at Minnesota L 4-5
04/29/17 at Minnesota W 9-5
04/29/17 at Minnesota W 14-1
05/02/17 at Southern Ill. W 6-5

Pulled off an upset over Minnesota which helped the Illini in the standings and brought up their RPI 40 pts. Can't celebrate it for too long though since the Terps come to town this weekend.

Up next:
5/5 - 5/7 Maryland

Bloomington Bound?: Maryland, @Rutgers, Iowa
Current position: 11th
The Illini have a somewhat manageable remaining schedule but have little room for error if they want to end up in Bloomington. Their path begins with taking on top dog Maryland.

Indiana 24-17-2 (10-7-1) RPI: 24

04/28/17 MARYLAND W 9-2
04/29/17 MARYLAND L 2-9
04/30/17 MARYLAND W 6-3

The Hoosiers are at it again taking down another top team with the series win over Maryland. This keeps them at least in the top eight but also an outside shot at the regular season crown. Indiana will take a break from B1G play this weekend in taking on the Musketeers and also have an RPI boasting matchup with Kentucky.

Up next:
5/5 - 5/7 Xavier
5/9 @Kentucky

Bloomington Bound?: PSU, @aOSU
Current position: 7th
Probably not where they want to be position wise right now but will get an excellent chance to rack up some wins taking on the bottom two teams in their final series.

Iowa 27-16 (9-6) RPI: 111

04/28/17 PENN STATE W 4-2
04/28/17 PENN STATE W 8-2
04/29/17 PENN STATE W 9-1
05/02/17 at Western Ill. L 5-7

Got back on track with a sweep over PSU putting Iowa close to the top of the conference. If they want to stay there the Hawkeyes will have to take down the Spartans in East Lansing.

Up next:
5/5 - 5/7 @MSU

Bloomington Bound?: @MSU, aOSU, @Illinois
Current position: 4-way tie for 3rd
Facing teams on the bottom half of the conference but all three are desperate in fighting for a spot in Bloomington so the Hawkeyes can't really take a day off.

Maryland 30-13 (13-5) RPI: 20

04/28/17 at Indiana L 2-9
04/29/17 at Indiana W 9-2
04/30/17 at Indiana L 3-6
05/03/17 vs. Towson W 6-5

Lost the series to Indiana which caused Maryland to fall out of the top 25 in some polls and reduced their lead somewhat in the B1G standings. They will get a chance to regroup as they travel to Champaign.

Up next:
5/5 - 5/7 @Illinois
5/9 UMBC
5/10 James Madison

Bloomington Bound?: @Illinois, NW
Current position: Numero Uno (Happy Cinco de Mayo!)
Maryland only has two series left of B1G play since the final weekend is against non-con competition. Luckily for them its against the schools from the Land of Lincoln and should be games the Terps can handle.

#17 Michigan 33-10 (9-6) RPI: 34

04/28/17 at Rutgers L 5-12
04/29/17 at Rutgers W 6-3
04/30/17 at Rutgers W 8-3
After a rough start on the Friday game the Wolverines righted the ship and came out of New Jersey with a series win. Up next is a down rival coming to town which could give Michigan the opportunity to move back to the top.

Up next:
5/5 - 5/7 Ohio State
5/9 Central Michigan

Bloomington Bound?: aOSU, @Purdue, @MSU
Current position: 4-way tie for 3rd
Two rivals and a team with the same conference record means the Wolverines will need to bring their A game this final month if they want to stay in the top eight.

Michigan State 23-17 (7-8) RPI: 85

04/28/17 at Northwestern W 8-1
04/28/17 at Northwestern L 2-3
04/29/17 at Northwestern W 13-5

Got the series win over Northwestern bringing MSU closer to .500 in conference play and keeps them in the B1G tourney hunt for now. Iowa visits this weekend where the Spartans will try to move up the ladder in the standings.

Up next:
5/5 - 5/7 Iowa

Bloomington Bound?: Iowa, @Nebraska, Michigan
Current position: 8th
Woof. MSU is currently at the cut line and gets to face off against three teams in the top three of the conference for the final month. If MSU wants to stay in consideration they need to play almost flawless ball the rest of the season. Good luck're going to need it.

Minnesota 26-15 (9-6) RPI: 84

04/28/17 ILLINOIS W 5-4
04/29/17 ILLINOIS L 5-9
04/29/17 ILLINOIS L 1-14
05/02/17 GEORGIA ST. W 9-1
05/03/17 GEORGIA ST. L 5-7

Dropped the series with Illinois which caused the Gophers to fall further back in the standings and take a 20 pt. hit in RPI (that loss to Georgia St. didn't help either). Minnesota will try to regroup as they take on PSU in State College.

Up next:
5/5 - 5/7 @PSU

Bloomington Bound?: @PSU, Purdue
Current position: Four-way tie for 3rd
A manageable schedule for Minnesota in which if they can get the right amount of wins the Gophers could try for the conference title again.

Nebraska 26-16-1 (9-5-1) RPI: 41

04/28/17 at Ohio State L 7-9
04/29/17 at Ohio State W 3-1
04/30/17 at Ohio State W 11-9

Got a rollercoaster road series win over the Buckeyes in which the bullpen almost gave up two sure wins. Nebraska is right behind the Terps in the regular season race and to keep pace will look to grab some wins when Rutgers comes to town.

Up next:
5/5 - 5/7 Rutgers
5/10 @Creighton

Bloomington Bound?: Rutgers, MSU, @PSU
Current position: 2nd
Relatively easier schedule for the Huskers in that every series left is versus teams either 8th or further back.

Northwestern 17-26 (6-9) RPI: 240

04/28/17 MICHIGAN STATE L 1-8
04/28/17 MICHIGAN STATE W 3-2
04/29/17 MICHIGAN STATE L 5-13
05/02/17 at Notre Dame L 2-3

Lost the pivotal matchup with MSU which makes the Wildcats attempt to go to the B1G tourney a little more of an uphill climb. Northwestern can't dwell on it too much though because a trip to West Lafayette approaches.

Up next:
5/5 - 5/7 @Purdue

Bloomington Bound?: @Purdue, @Maryland, Rutgers
Current position: 10th
The Wildcats are within striking distance of 8th but back to back road trips to the top half of the conference makes things harder for the boys in purple.

Ohio State 17-27 (5-10) RPI: 160

04/28/17 NEBRASKA W 9-7
04/29/17 NEBRASKA L 1-3
04/30/17 NEBRASKA L 9-11
05/03/17 TEXAS TECH L 3-5

Almost came away with a series win against Nebraska but fell short much like the game against a ranked Red Raider squad. Its been a rough season for the Buckeyes but one thing that could cheer them up is playing the spoiler role against Michigan this weekend.

Up next:
5/5 - 5/7 @Michigan
5/9 Bowling Green
5/10 Ball State

Bloomington Bound?: @Michigan, @Iowa, Indiana
Current position: 12th
The Buckeyes haven't really caught any breaks for this young team in regards to their B1G schedule and the final stretch is no different. If they can get some wins and things fall a certain way aOSU has an outside shot at a spot in the tourney but the road there is full of peril.

Penn State 14-29 (2-13) RPI: 220

04/28/17 at Iowa L 2-4
04/28/17 at Iowa L 2-8
04/29/17 at Iowa L 1-9

PSU was on the wrong end of their third B1G sweep this year but with only two conference wins that shouldn't be too surprising. Things don't get easier this week with Minnesota coming to town as well as a road trip to Morgantown.

Up next:
5/5 - 5/7 Minnesota
5/9 @West Virginia

Bloomington Bound?: Minnesota, @Indiana, Nebraska
Current position: 13th
The Nits would have to play out of their minds and hope other breaks come their way if they want to make the B1G tournament this year.

Purdue 25-18 (9-6) RPI: 94

04/28/17 SAINT LOUIS W 5-2
04/29/17 SAINT LOUIS W 4-3

Only got two games out of the series with the Billikens but with those two the Boilers extend their win streak to seven games. This also helped Purdue to get inside the top 100 in RPI. They'll get back into B1G play this week with a visit from the Wildcats.

Up next:
5/5 - 5/7 Northwestern
5/9 @Valparaiso
5/10 Butler

Bloomington Bound?: Northwestern, Michigan, @Minnesota
Current position: Four-way tie for 3rd
This weekend's matchup with Northwestern is the easiest of the remaining games so Purdue should look to capitalize now since wins will be tougher to come by the last two weeks.

Rutgers 17-25 (5-7) RPI: 83

04/28/17 MICHIGAN W 12-5
04/29/17 MICHIGAN L 3-6
04/30/17 MICHIGAN L 3-8
05/02/17 WAGNER W 12-10

Things started off promising on Friday of last week but Michigan proved to be too much. Up next is a challenging trip to Lincoln to face off with the Huskers.

Up next:
5/5 - 5/7 @Nebraska

Bloomington Bound?: @Nebraska, Illinois, @Northwestern
Current position: 9th
Juuuuust outside of the cut line so the remaining series are really important for the Knights if they want to make their first B1G tourney.

Wisconsin -

Players of the Week

May 1st 2017

Player of the Week -

Jimmy Kerr So. Michigan

Hit an amazing .700 AVG on the week with 7 hits, 3 RBIs, and scored 3 runs. This is his first player of the week award.

Pitcher of the Week -

Nick Gallagher Jr. Iowa

Had an 8 inning outing in a win over PSU in which he struck out 10 batters, only allowed 3 hits, and one earned run. This is his first pitcher of the week award.

Freshman of the Week -

Michael Massey, Illinois

Earns his second straight freshman of the week honor by hitting a .526 AVG with 10 hits, 3 RBIs, scoring 4 runs, and 1 HR. He also had a 13 game hitting streak entering this week.

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Minnesota - PSU 2pm

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Ohio State - Illinois 2pm

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