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Rutgers Thinks The Big Ten Is Screwing Them Out Of Money

Or at least that’s what they say in Jersey...

Michigan v Rutgers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

You won’t believe this, but the New Jersey media thinks Rutgers is getting a bum deal from the Big Ten.

No, this is not satire...

That’s exactly what Steve Politi, who writes for, says. He believes Rutgers got screwed by the Big Ten. He points out that Michigan, Ohio State, Indiana, et al. will receive $51.1 million thanks to the new B1G television contract.

Rutgers only gets $11.6 million this year. As Politi laments:

…in the long-term, the Scarlet Knights will reap the benefits of these massive paydays. For now, though, they're lining up against Michigan and Ohio State with one-fifth of the revenue from the league.

Turns out, he’s not the only beat writer for that grinds this axe. Keith Sargeant wrote a piece last year that came to the same conclusion. He points out that Rutgers agreed to a six-year integration plan into the B1G (exactly like Nebraska and Maryland). However, Rutgers isn’t in line for a big chunk of the TV money windfall. He’s upset that the existing members of the B1G will make five times more money than Rutgers (and Maryland) through 2021.

When asked if the B1G could financially help out Rutgers, Delany didn’t pull any punches:

No, because there's an academic integration plan, a competitive integration plan, and a financial integration plan,'' Delany told NJ Advance Media on Oct. 9, 2015. "Basically our goal was to keep our (traditional) institutions whole, to keep the (new) institutions coming in whole relative to where they were, and then at a certain point in time they'll become a full member of the conference.

In other words, the deal is six years to full member. Wait your fucking turn. In essence, both Politi and Sargeant want to renegotiate Rutgers’ contract. The problem is, the product – Rutgers itself – is totally shit.

The school should be making more money, because it is pulling in much higher quality teams. They don’t get these kinds of teams from the Big East or the AAC. They have Ohio State, Michigan State, Washington and Purdue at home this year. Those games should be sellouts. Ticket sales should be soaring...

Except the product on the field is trash. This is a bad football program. It’s a bad sports school. And it’s a bad fit for the Big Ten. So, how in the hell can these media pundits justify Rutgers getting more money? Nobody wants to watch them play football...not even their own fans.

At this point, it isn’t about getting them more money, it’s about how much we could improve the B1G product by just letting them go. Let’s think about it, what has Rutgers done since they’ve entered the conference? They’ve been last or in the bottom quartile of nearly every single sport they compete in.

It’s not like they are middling in a majority and bad in others, they are awful in over 90% of the sports they compete in. The two sports that rake in the cash? Last.

Sport the east coast schools should be good at? Can’t make the tournament because the two other new schools are better than you. Big Ten speciality women's volleyball? Last, and not even close.

While this may appear to support Politi’s point of needing more money, it doesn't. Rutgers isn’t worth the $11.6M they’re being paid currently given the product on the fields. And they want more, and early, to do what with it?

Let me put this to you in a more Jersey-esque way...get the fuck outta here. Rutgers should be paying us to join the B1G. That’s why it’s a six year buy in. This is a blue chip league. Rutgers ain’t a blue chip team.

Wait, they are for real pissed that they're getting gradually increasing payments? As if they didn't know that would happen? As if it didn't happen to Nebraska (so they could have seen how it would look, if they were curious)? As if being geographically close to NYC means anyone there or anywhere else gives two shits about their team or watching them? They could be located in a remote area of Nevada and have the same amount of viewers.

As if it was somehow sold to them that the Big Ten's purpose in taking them was to turn them into OSU 2.0?

So it was not only not an unfair or unprecedented deal, but one which they fully consented to. And now that they wish it was a different deal, it's the Big Ten's fault that they don't cut them a new, super awesome one, in spite of them finishing last in nearly every sport?

What in the fuck is in their water out there that leads to this kind of self-delusion? They should donate their bodies to science at some other Big Ten school so that they can study if its an environmental influence or chromosomal disorder or what.

Just to reiterate: you guys signed a contract, the same one Nebraska did. Dont act disingenous and claim youre getting a shitty deal. And if you guys dont want to be mocked, improve the performance on the field and stop being scandalous. Until then, Buttgers, the mockery and beatings will continue.

Go home Rutgers, and be thankful Delany made the cash grab for TV money and you’ll eventually get your piece of the pie. Go sit quietly in the corner because you know you got a sweet deal that far outweighs the sports value you bring to this conference, which is generally a fucking drag on everyone's strength of schedule because of how terrible you are.

Your Friends,

Townie , LPW, and DJ