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I Believe Chris Jent Will Be The Next Head Coach at Ohio State

The writing is on the wall.

Orlando Magic v Seattle SuperSonics

It’s all about timing. The Ohio State Buckeyes and Thad Matta parted ways at an odd time. It only makes sense, at least to me, if they already have his successor lined up. Subtle hints tell me that’s exactly what is happening. First, Gene Smith didn’t hire an outside company to help with the search. Second, he said they were moving quickly, and might even have someone named next week. Third, Thad Matta is helping with the search. Is he really going to hang around for a long, drawn out search? Fourth, there is no buzz.

Whenever there is a coaching search, names are thrown out. That is followed by denials from all sides, and all the usual motions. What also happens is there are rumors and sources that come flying out of the woodwork.

“Bob at the office knows a guy who cleans the toilets at the stadium, and he says it’s a done deal.”

Well, Bob is strangely silent this time around.

If they have their guy, Chris Jent makes the most sense. While driving from the store, I heard Lori Schmidt, on the local station radio station 97.1 the fan, say that Jent is interviewing for the job.

It could be a smoke screen, but more than likely I believe he is the hand-picked successor. He has strong ties to the school, both as a player and a coach, and is a bit of a rising star in coaching circles. While it’s past moving time for college coaches, that’s not the case for the pros, and Jent has NBA and D League experience.

This is purely speculation, but what if an NBA team reached out to Jent, and that forced Ohio State’s hand? All the sudden, the timing for Matta’s retirement makes perfect sense.

It’s just a hunch. There hasn’t been a report, I haven’t heard a rumor, and I don’t much care for Bob and his stupid sources. But Jent is the direction I am leaning with regards to the OSU head job at the moment.