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Will Paul Chryst take the Badgers to the Rose Bowl or Beyond?

How’s Wisconsin going to be with Paul Chryst?

81st Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic - Western Michigan v Wisconsin Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

wisconsin under Paul Chryst has been very successful, going 10-3 and 11-3 in the past two seasons. Do you think he’ll be able to keep the Badgers atop the West and then eventually make it back to a Rose Bowl or beyond in the future?

Speth: Yes, and this might be the year to do it. The schedule is terrible, the talent is there, and realistically you only have to win one big game to change everything if you’re the West champion. The only game Wisconsin isn’t going to be a pretty solid favorite in is at home against Michigan, which at the point Wisconsin might be 10-0 (hello College Gameday). Even if it doesn’t happen this year, there will be a year Wisconsin goes into the conference championship game as a top 5 team sooner rather than later. I mean if Wisconsin finishes the job against OSU it would’ve been last

WSR: He may fall into B1G Championship game losses for a few more years before Mike Riley’s replacement, Brian Ferentz, and P.J. Fleck all hit their stride, but making it back to the Rose Bowl? I’m not putting any money on that. There’s been, what, one B1G runner-up and one divisional 3rd place team that has appeared in the Rose Bowl? Other than that, you need to be either playoff-bound or B1G champion. And Paul Chryst’s experience at wisconsin reflects neither of those. Hopefully he doesn’t embarrass the conference and the good people of wisconsin in the process of returning the program to it’s glory days from his time playing for the badgers.

LPW: Yeah, it would be delicious for Chryst to return wisconsin to the mediocrity of his playing days, aka before Football began in wisconsin.

In the interim, I see another ten win season and dicktripping in the conference championship game.

I’d love to see Northwestern beat wisconsin in Evanston again.