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An Open Love Letter to Paul Chryst

Or “Why Speth Shouldn’t Write Coach Articles On Drinking Nights”

Big Ten Championship - Penn State v Wisconsin Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Dear Everyone,

Let me start off by saying what Paul Chryst isn't. He isn't a good sound bite. Literally everything he says is coach speak. He isn't flashy. Bielema was fun sometimes, and he certainly had a flair to him. That isn't Paul Chryst though. Looking back I kind of wonder how they achieved the results they did together, there must be some truth to opposites attracting.

With that said, let's get to what Paul Chryst is. He is totally Wisconsin. When you think Wisconsin football you think Barry Alvarez. Here's the thing, Chryst played at Wisconsin before Alvarez had any connection to Wisconsin. His dad was coaching at Wisconsin-Platteville with Bo Ryan. Yes that Bo Ryan. He considers Madison to be his hometown. This isn’t a coach with a Hawkeye tattoo. This isn’t a coach that went to Nebraska that Iowa weirdly claims that we hired from Notre Dame. I hate the idea of the Michigan Man, but I understand the logic of loving one of your own.

He's a good football coach. He took a Pitt team that should've been a disaster to 3 straight bowls. Say what you want about his .500 record, Pitt was a disaster and he kept them from falling off a cliff. Do you think Narduzzi takes that job if Chryst fails at Pitt? Why do you think so many of his Pitt recruits came here with him? No Wisconsin fan will begrudge him bringing what may end up being a four year starter at quarterback here with him. Let's just hope he can throw a pass with some velocity the next three years.

This next part is just a theory but I'm a huge fan of it being true. So back in 2010 everyone remembers Wisconsin going for two up 25 against Minnesota in the fourth quarter. A decision I wholeheartedly agree with because Minnesota is garbage and should be crushed and discarded accordingly. Now Bielema naturally had a lot of questions to answer. And who was his offensive coordinator? Paul Chryst of course. Now I find it hard to believe that a head coach with a defensive background wouldn't consult his offensive coordinator before deciding on going for two. What if Chryst was behind the whole thing? I love the idea.

He drinks whenever the hell he wants. You know you’re a Wisconsinite when drinking while on the clock is a given. I do it, and so does Chryst. There’s even photographic evidence to boot.

Now I might not know a lot, but I do know my plastic cups and beer, and that is certainly a plastic cup with beer in it. Considering this was during a 51-3 game and Russell Wilson was his quarterback, he certainly had the time to put a couple back. THIS IS THE MOST WISCONSIN THING EVER. LONG LIVE PAUL CHRYST. MAY HE COACH IN MANY ROSE BOWLS.



PS- Yes I was drunk when I wrote this

PPS- Proofreading is for the birds

PPPS- Have fun losing in the all-time series in the longest rivalry in FBS history for the first time ever Minnesota. Best start preparing now.