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The Mo Wagner Hateability Index

Is Mo Wagner the B1G’s next great villain?

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Michigan v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

When big Mo Wagner decided to return to Michigan for another year, I breathed a sigh of relief, as I knew this article concept would see the light of day.

As you know, college basketball births wonderfully villainous characters, attacked by fan sections for various transgressions, i.e. recruiting battles, transfer issues, tripping issues, hard fouls, or being super good. Although most of these villains come from Duke, occasionally other schools boast a villain. The OTE Slack decided last year, probably during Michigan’s amazing late season run, that Mo Wagner should be hated. But how could anyone dislike the second coming of Dirk Nowitzki? Oh, plenty of reasons according to our esteemed writers.


It does seem that Mo Wagner has never committed a foul in his college. You know the drill - a ticky-tack foul committed by the ever-struggling interior defense of Michigan, followed by Wagner’s eyes growing wide, his arms instantly moved to a position of “who me??”, followed by an exaggerated look of incredulity that holds a second too long. This post-foul routine has already earned the big German an honorarium from Duke.

He talks to the refs, a lot, more than most coaches.


He drills a clutch three, he lowers his arms and happily struts down court and oh oh, no, here comes the tongue, and it’s everywhere, and then he starts licking his lips, and’s a lot.


Wagner was super effective last year, flirting with an NBA Draft entrance before deciding he needed another year. He is perfect for the Beilein system, as he can isolate inside and score, but can shoot from anywhere also.

That said, he will never be called super quick or limber. He backs down defenders and punctuates the move with a little hook of the defender or a surprisingly effective flailing spin move. He’s got old-man game, the kind of guy who looks terrible at the gym and then crushes you over and over.


He’s white. So he can easily join the Laettner/Redick/Paulus/Wojo group.

Some of our writers also pointed out that he has bad skin and should work out his backne before going out in public. Rude guys, rude. The exact quote was “when Wagner needed a skin graft for his upper back, they used 2011 John Shurna’s face.” Thanks Andrew Krymiskciykpastyc.


What say you? If Mo starts out the 2016 season dropping 20-10 and chest-thumping tongue-out celebrating, can he be a great B1G villain?