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How’s Michigan’s special teams in 2017?

The loss of Jabrill Peppers will hurt. Will the Wolverines recover?

Heisman Ceremony Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

How will Michigan be on special teams in 2017?

WSR: I think they’ll take a noticeable step back without Heisman Trophy contender Jabrill Peppers. There’s just no way to replicate his contributions.

LPW: I think WSR hit it on the head. Peppers was a special talent, but it’s not like Harbaugh’s cupboard on special teams will be bare. I think they’ll be fine.

MNW: Brad Robbins should be a decent punter, but he’s young. I imagine we’ll talk about him in Gillikin-esque tones by season’s end. He’ll also probably get a decent amount of work, given Michigan’s offense.

Since spring it sounds like sleepover host Quin Nordin has moved into the front spot for the Wolverines kicking job. He’s apparently been “blasting the ball in the spring,” meaning SUCK IT, BIG TEN, he’s way ahead of your puny kickers who have probably just “felt good” or “been hitting it well.” That’s how a Michigan Man kicks the fucking ball. He doesn’t “put it through the uprights,” or “hit one from distance,” he BLASTS. THE. FUCKING. BALL. Maize’n’Brew says he’s hitting 60-yarders with ease, so Emmit Carpenter and Rafael Gaglianone, sorry, you puds are just competing for first fucking loser.

MNW out.