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Where Were You When App St Beat Michigan?

We look back at a watershed moment in College Football.

Appalachian v Michigan

LPW: I was just finishing up watching Northwestern shut out Northeastern in Evanston, and I meandered out to the tailgate in the west lot to hang out with friends and resume drinking. Everyone was glued to a tv, so I figured something was going on. Michigan was in a neck and neck game with a school I’ve never heard of before, and then, they up and lost! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA



Tons of free beer and shots were given out after that. Schadenfreude is a delicious thing. Oh, and one last thing: MICHIGAN FELL OUT OF THE TOP 25 after that loss!!!

JWS: I was in a bar in Columbus. Ohio State wasn't looking particularly good against Youngstown State. By sheer luck, the local Michigan fan club club chose the same bar. That was fun.

Jesse: I literally have no recollection of this year in football and nothing you can do or say will entice me into remembering that it existed. If that means I have to scrub Appy State beating Michigan, that’s fine. EVERYTHING’S FINE.

WSR: I was out enjoying a nice round of golf at CreeksBend with my future brothers-in-law before heading up to watch the first game of the Tim Brewster era that night. Oddly enough, in what was clearly foreshadowing of some sort, we tipped a golf cart over and I ended up bloodied and bruised before going up to the Metrodome. Anyway, that’s not important. What is important is that when we got back into the clubhouse after the round, they were showing highlights of Michigan losing to a 1-AA team and we couldn’t stop laughing our asses off. One of them even fell off a barstool, leading the bartender to ask us to leave. That’s right: the joy of Michigan losing to Ap State was just as potent as a dozen beers.

GF: Oh boy, ahhh boy, mmmk. So people had been talking for a few years about the old school nature of the Michigan program, maybe that the recruiting had tapered off, maybe the program was growing a bit stale, maybe we ran up the middle on 1st down every time...But Michigan was #5 and truly no one thought twice about this game.

I was in Detroit, first week of 2nd year of law school. It was shaping up to be a better year because, oh god, 1L is something else. There was a wedding down in Miami (OH) for a college roommate and I was in the car for about five hours. I picked up the game on the radio in the middle of Ohio and you just cannot underestimate the shock value of that game being close. No one really thought about FSC schools or their programs or whether B1G teams should even play them. No one thought about dangerous spread offenses much in B1G world, especially in Ann Arbor. So the whole concept of playing a close game, even playing a few evenly matched quarters, with App State, was so foreign.

We pulled into the charming little Marcum Conference Center in Oxford and I frantically turned on the TV. WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THIS GAME PLEASE LET ME WATCH???!!! Of course this was the advent of the B1G Network, which we love now, but which was literally showing its first game...App State v Michigan. ESPN News switched over, and there was the blocked field goal, and the celebration, and that was that. I’d like to that game moved me from idealistic young man to grizzled, slightly cynical young man, because I just kind of awkwardly smiled and started dressing for the wedding.

And of course that was the end of Carr, and Ryan Mallett left, and RichRod didn’t adjust...and all those cracks are currently being glued back together, 10 years later.

Reminiscing on Appalachian State’s win over Michigan, Illinois going to the Rose Bowl, and all the insanity that was 2007 is part of a larger SBNation project, “2007: The inside story of the greatest season in college football history.” Give them a read and share your favorite memories of that wacky five months, won’t you?