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Frank Kaminski And Dan Dakich Get Into Twitter Fight About Who Should Be President

Getting into a twitter fight is terrible, writing an entire article about it is worse

Indiana Hoosiers v Michigan State Spartans Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

I love twitter. There, I said it. I spend far too much time watching the famous, the not so famous, and the twitter famous put out musings about everything. Want to know whether Jordan or Lebron or any number of other players is/was the greatest ever? You’ll find every opinion under the sun. Want to know how a country of over 350 million people should be run, well plenty of people will let you know exactly how it should be done and in 140 characters or less!

And that brings us to our latest debate.

Dan Dakich was going on about players and money and the whole “job” thing, probably because of what UCLA’s Rosen said. There is a record of it on the twitter, just scroll up. The tweet that got my attention was this one by Wisconsin Badgers legend Frank Kaminsky.

I personally think Dan Dakich is a national treasure, just like LaVar Ball, so I agree. However, I had the sneaking suspicion that Frank the Tank was being sarcastic. (Just like Creighton’s millennial and big 12 article for those that missed it.)

My suspicions were confirmed just a few minutes later.

Dakich then went on a 4 tweet rant, and talked about how he helped the kids at BGSU actually get money. Side note, it’s a little known fact that division one athletes can get a stipend while they play. They usually have to “work” for it by sitting at the check in desk of a dorm or the like. It’s not much, like 1k per month. I would tell you exactly, but I don’t care enough to look it up. But it should be brought up when discussing paying players.

Then Frank went where all pointless arguments go. A completely unrelated touting of his accomplishments on the court.

There was some more back and forth, and it was entertainment for all.

As for the actual basis for the argument, I see both sides. While Frank said he helped make the school millions, that isn’t entirely accurate. Many people make millions in college basketball, and the players don’t. However, I am guessing Wisconsin basketball lost money while Frank was there. Most of the 347 division 1 schools do. Without all of those schools, and their subsidized programs, the few schools that do turn a profit would not. Also, minor league basketball is terrible, and fails regularly. People watch college hoops for other reasons than being a farm system for the NBA. Throw in Title IX, and there are no easy answers. 14,000 characters couldn’t do this conversation justice.

So while I was able to spend 10 minutes reading two grown men argue about something that at the end of the day they have absolutely no control over, it was probably a waste of time. Much like you reading this article. U mad bro? Do you want to explain to me and the millions of other members of the OTE family how college sports should be run? Let us know in the comments section below.