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College Football AP Poll Top 25 Released; 4 Usual Suspects Ranked

Don’t want to talk about Ohio State? You can definitely do that here.

Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual - USC v Penn State Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

AP Poll, y’all! Get hyped! Football* is five days away, B1G football is 10 days away, Your Team probably plays 12 days from now!

Your Top 25:

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (1513 pts, 52 first-place votes)

2. Ohio State Buckeyes (1414, 3 FPV)

3. Florida State Seminoles (1396, 4 FPV)
4. USC Trojans (1325, 2 FPV)
5. Clemson Tigers (1201)

6. Penn State Nittany Lions (1196)

7. Oklahoma Sooners (1170)
8. Washington Huskies (1150)

9. wisconsin badgers (926)

10. Oklahoma State Cowboys (889)

11. Michigan Wolverines (881)

12. Auburn Tigers (880)
13. LSU Tigers (784)
14. Stanford Cardinal (695)
15. Georgia Bulldogs (690)
16. Louisville Cardinals (629)
17. Florida Gators (624)
18. Miami Hurricanes (492)
19. South Florida Bulls (327)
20. Kansas State Wildcats (317)
21. Virginia Tech Hokies (240)
22. West Virginia Mountaineers (207)
23. Texas Longhorns (173)
24. Washington State Cougars (133)
25. Tennessee Volunteers (114)

Also Receiving Votes: TCU 98, Utah 85, Notre Dame 65, Boise St. 37, NC State 26, Northwestern 25, Pittsburgh 23, Oregon 21, Houston 1, Colorado 18, UCLA 9, San Diego State 9, BYU 5, Appalachian St. 4, Nebraska 4, Tulsa 4, Kentucky 3, Texas A&M 3, Michigan St. 1

Early Thoughts:

  • It’s hard to take issue with the ranked Big Ten teams. Michigan’s replacing its lost starters remains a question, Penn State remains hyped, and this year wisconsin (stop me if you’ve heard this before) benefits from the schedule while having exceeded expectations in 2016.
  • Looking at the bottom of the rankings, though...WHAT THE FUCK IS TEXAS DOING HERE?! Stop. Just fucking stop. This is ridiculous.
  • I’m glad the obligatory ranking of Tennessee is still happening, only with a modicum of reason and measure.
  • Notre Dame receives more votes than Northwestern. This is a good time to remind you of the following: (1) Notre Dame went 4-8 in 2016, while Northwestern went 7-6 and won a bowl game, and (2) fuck Notre Dame.
  • Nebraska is receiving equal to or fewer votes than the following non-Power 5 schools: South Florida, Boise State, Houston, San Diego State, BYU, Appalachian State, and Tulsa. If you want an indication of one of the under-discussed aspects of the Mike Riley Administration in Lincoln, it’s that Nebraska’s national status has plummeted.
  • The Washington State team they defeated in 2016 is ranked 24th, but Minnesota receives nary a vote. I’m sure PJ Fleck has already shot a WSU logo into the sun with nothing but a paintball gun and Patrick Reusse’s puckered asshole. The paintball gun is just there for show.
  • Michigan State is receiving a vote. Find that man, shoot him, shoot him again for good measure, and then take his vote away.

Let us know your thoughts on the rankings in the comments.