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Ohio State is Over Rated

Get over yourselves, you pompous nut bags

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Ohio State vs Clemson Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Remember last year at the end of the regular season, when Penn State stood as the B1G champion?

Ohio State fans climbed upon their high horses and crowed, “yeah, but...” Basketball “superstar” Lebron James climbed onto the bandwagon.

The OSU faithful proclaimed themselves the “essential” champions regardless of the actual field results. The everloving history of the program, they said. The prowess of the coach, they said. The recruiting class rankings for god’s sake. It was a veritable orgasm of righteous indignation!


As USA TODAY wrote:

On paper, their three-top 10 wins (against Michigan, Wisconsin and Oklahoma) look great. The one loss (also to a top-10 team, Penn State) is not a deal-breaker. But in order to get into the four-team CFP field, Ohio State must be viewed as “unequivocally better” than conference champions — perhaps even including its own league’s.

In the end, they won the argument. On paper, they were the team that went to the playoff. Regardless of the team that actually won the conference, Ohio State pulled off the vote.

Let me just say here, that I hate this system. If the Ordinary Joe’s Gym team had to get voted into the dodgeball finals, no way do they go.

My point is, you should have to play your way in. No statistics. No bullshit eyeball tests. Win the goddamn games. If you lose, you are out. Period. Regardless of how fancy your coach is.

I will say that the vote promoted B1G unity, in a way.

That was the only time I can remember all of the B1G, uniting to back one of their the expense of Penn State of course. Because nothing can unite you pricks more than putting down the blue and white menace.

The dumbest argument ever made, Ohio State passed the “eye ball test”. Whatever the hell that actually meant. That was the justification. And indeed, Ohio State certainly looked the part.

This was the team that won the national championship before. They DESERVED to play for it again. ESPN agreed heartily, and the Buckeyes got their nod to represent the Big Ten in the playoff.

Turns out, the eye test was wrong. Ohio State, was all hat, no cattle.

So congratulations Ohio State and B1G bullshit artists everywhere. The ACC now lays claim to being the best football conference. The pundits argue SEC vs ACC for best conference in 2017.

Why you might ask? Let us revisit that playoff game, shall we?

Yes, the vaunted bucknuts took it on the chin. You can shove your eye test up your ass. The Ohio State Buckeyes looked absolutely stupid in their game. Clemson clowned them up the field and down it.

That defense? Wet toilet paper stood a better chance at stopping Clemson’s offense. TJ Barrett looked lost...nice job B1G. Good try, hustle off.

You can blame the offensive coordinator (who was the scape goat). You can talk about what a championship team Clemson was...but the truth is, Ohio State was unprepared for Clemons.

I firmly believe that the buckeyes, and Urban Meyer in particular, read too much of their own press. Clemson wasn’t scared. They didn’t get intimidated. They reached out and smacked the buckeye’s in the eye.

Nothing happened.

Ohio State took its ball and went home. Much to the delight of the internet.

As chess giant Bobby Fischer once said,

It didn’t take long for OSU to look beaten. They quit. I’m embarrassed for us all.

I believe Urban Meyer will once again fall prey to the broken ego. It sunk him at Florida. It could very well be his undoing at OSU. Quitters don’t stop quitting.

The good news is that Ohio State recognizes their weakness. They went out and got Kevin Wilson for Offensive Coordinator. They also upgraded their SAC guy:

I could go on...believe me I’m tempted. The google machine showed me hundreds of these. But the overwhelming result was just this…

And before we get all “yeah, but your team...” just remember - you deserved it.

Your Friend,




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