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2017 Preview and Predictions: Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football

Official Closing Argument for Rutgers Football in 2017.

Blackout uniform for Rutgers vs. Maryland in Yankee Stadium

It feels… good(?) to be third to last in the closing arguments order because that means that there were two teams who performed worse than us last season. It also feels good due to analysts’ predictions saying we will be last in the B1G this year.

-Zuzu, right before the start of the 2016 football season.

Man... I didn’t know jinxes had this long of an operating time frame. Well, now Rutgers is going first because we were, in fact, _last_ for the 2016 Football season. It was hard seeing the negatives of what people were predicting in how we would perform come to fruition. Such is the life of an underdog team struggling to make a name for itself (associated with positivity that is) in this tough conference. Last season was, of course, Chris Ash’s first with our Scarlet Knights and he had what was ultimately a predictable record for a coach taking over a program wrought in turmoil.

Looking forward, I think Rutgers will be pleasantly surprising on the field this year to Big Ten fans, as well as provide relief for nervously excited Rutgers fans as we look forward to building ourselves into a B1G caliber team. Because lawyers founded this site, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I have presented to you my evidence in previous articles for why I think Rutgers will do well this year (and will break the rules of law by providing just a bit more evidence here), and now I present to you my case for Rutgers Football in 2017.

I. Discovery

The Evidence

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II. Closing Argument

Rutgers football had its worst performance in a decade last year where we went 2-10 overall and had 0 conference wins. We had one of the worst offenses in the country in every category of offensive play, and a defense which ensured that we would be shut out by anywhere from 39 to SEVENTY EIGHT POINTS.

I know, Chris.... I know.

However, after last season, Coach Ash has been hard at work instating elements to, hopefully, NEVER allow that to happen again. A fully recovered Janarion Grant poised and excited to run all over defenses this season. Jerry Kill as our new offensive coordinator, healthy and ready to transform our program the way he always transforms programs. Lester Erb as running backs coach bringing much needed long term Big Ten experience to the program. Louisville graduate transfer quarterback, Kyle Bolin, who is already starting to pull ahead in training camp. The 43rd ranked 2017 class in the nation, a jump from 64th in 2016. A beautiful, new state of the outdoor practice facility that will impress any Big Ten visitor. A new deal with adidas which will give Rutgers much more money and exposure along with some DOPE Blackout Game uniforms, featured in the cover photo. These are just some of the positives Rutgers has going for it in preparation to compete this season.

(Come on, even the haters gotta admit, that’s a niiiiiice facility.)

III. Emotional Plea

Rutgers has a very, very, very, very steep hill to climb. However, against all odds I think we will make it up and over alive and well sooner rather than later. Rutgers doesn’t need support from outside Big Ten fans, but I ask you this... and have asked it many times. Isn’t a stronger Rutgers good for everyone in the conference? We don’t need your permission, of course, nor your blessing on our road to trying to improve, but know that we WILL improve. You’ve heard this time and time again from me... I honestly have nothing new to say on this front. I’m a homer. But I at least hope the evidence I presented above gives you a flicker of, "maybe Rutgers can?"

IV. The Verdict

Official Verdict for Rutgers:

2.6-9.4 Overall, 1-8 Big Ten