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What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, or a drunk

Oklahoma v Ohio State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

First and foremost, it must be said that college football is still a game played by 20 year old kids. This particular game was a big deal. Baker Mayfield and the entire Oklahoma Sooners team had been preparing the entire off season for revenge. They knew it would be a huge challenge, they met the challenge, and won a game many thought they had no chance to win.

Let the kid have fun. While it might seem a little disrespectful, and it probably was, who cares? I watched it and even though I was sad because the Buckeyes lost, I smiled. It was a kid having fun celebrating with his team on a giant victory. To see an event like that should be the reason why you watch college football.

Tom gets it.

In fact, a lot of people get it.

Greeny gets it.

Heck, even Skip gets it.

Although Skip might rethink it once he realizes it’s the popular opinion. That’s just how Skip rolls.

However, this Buckeye fan has a serious problem with Baker.

I am old. I am not 100% comfortable with new things like cell phones, and twitter, and bathing, and feelings. When I was 20, the ridicule wouldn’t have come from planting a flag at the opponents 50. It would have come from caring. There is no crying in baseball, and there certainly isn’t crying from losing.

Baker(or more likely his OU handlers) don’t get it.

If Buckeye fans are sad, well, that’s on them. If Ohio State players are sad, well, sack up and don’t lose at home. “We must protect this house” isn’t just a slogan. You have EVERY advantage when playing at home.

In this new world of a college football playoff, losing early means virtually nothing. It’s my hope that the Buckeyes will learn from this embarrassment, work their asses off, and be better for it. Maybe they will have the fortune and fortitude to win out, make the playoffs, and win it all.

So Baker, I would like you to own it. You either exposed Ohio State for being a fraud, or gave them the motivation to dominate the college football world. The last thing you should be doing right now is apologizing.

I’ll leave you all with this little diddy by the Rock.


Reason why I am glad Baker Mayfield planted his flag

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  • 32%
    His team won, he deserved it
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  • 41%
    Any humiliation of Ohio State is fun
    (131 votes)
  • 4%
    I hate Oklahoma and enjoyed watching him fail planting the flag in field turf
    (13 votes)
  • 21%
    I just click random answers so I can see the poll results
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