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The Meltdown Index: BUCKEYES AND ¡EL ASSICO!

The article formerly known as “This Week in Schadenfreude”

Welcome to week 2 of the article formerly known as “This Week in Schadenfreude”*, and hoo boy this week was a doozy. Most of the B1G West was a dumpster fire, but first and foremost HOLY SHIT OHIO STATE!

Ohio State loses to Oklahoma

Let’s check in with our friends at Eleven Warriors

Buckeyeman 11 HOURS AGO

Same shit after every loss, but nothing actually gets fixed.

Aww, poor baby. OSU loses SOOOOOOO often. You need a tissue?

Bmore Buckeye 10 HOURS AGO

Losing the SAME WAY TIME AFTER TIME is growing stale. I understand that we have a young secondary and believe it or not, giving up 800 yards in our first 2 games is the least of our worries. WE CAN'T SCORE TOUCHDOWNS!!! Having a shoot out with OU should be more in line with where we should be. (Talented but young defense and gobbbbs of talented players on the offense with TONS of play calling expertise) The classic BIG 12 game would be much more preferred than what we are having to consume now. Right now, we're not playing Classic OSU football, the stuff I/we grew up on. Unfortunately this garbage that we've been seeing from the offense tha past 6 years is becoming "OSU Football". Unacceptable. Damn, I'm starting to miss Tressel Ball.......

You know, it’s really easy to become an Iowa fan. Nothing has changed there since 1999 .

DefendYoungstown 9 HOURS AGO

I've said it numerous times, Urban has lost his fire, it's gone. He's more interesting in winning "recruiting wars" than he is football games. In addition, if JT is the best option we have at QB, we aren't winning recruiting wars either. I have all the respect in the world for what JT has done while here. It's time to so what's best for the team and not JT's potential career in the nfl.

Urban has an ego and will never admit when he's wrong, gotta get over the ego to "fix" what is wrong and move on.

Hmm, I never would’ve guessed based on Meyer’s national championships and career record that EVERY OTHER TEAM IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL would kill for is a bad thing. Quit ‘yer whining.

Bamabucknut 10 HOURS AGO

Myer has memorized TRESSEL SPEAK techniques. He utters words that mean nothing.Clearly he does not want to have to speak to the press or to explain or justify anything.

Yeah, it’s called Coachspeak for a reason. All coaches not named Steve Spurrier do it. And you’re just figuring this out now?? Crawl back under your rock or something.

How about on Ohio State’s Scout site?


Who gives a rat's arse how classy their fans are after complete ineptness in all parts of the game by the Bucks. I hope after Iowa, PSU, and UM win they plant flags too, maybe it will light a fire under Urban to wake him up from his slumber. The program has fallen far.

Really? You want to be as inept as 2002 Minnesota? Be my guest...

Notre Dame loses to Georgia (and their fans take over ND Stadium)

Let’s check in with our friends at One Foot Down


Sold their souls for filthy lucre! Never thought I would see the day. Guess everyone has a price.

Posted by IrishSprings44 on Sep 10, 2017 | 10:07 AM

Yeah, in fact, don’t you remember what happened 17 years ago? Another red team took over your stadium... From the Midwest?

Doesn’t ring a bell? hmm. lemme help you







It is a big deal

I was at the game and it was obnoxious and embarrassing to have so many opposing team fans at notre dame stadium. I sat on the side opposite the tunnel and I couldn’t hear our band at all, Georgia fan cheers during kick offs filled the stadium, as did their dog barking. It’s shameful that so many Notre Dame fans were willing to sell their tickets to Georgia fans to make a buck. Why even buy the tickets in the first place? Hope the university cracks down on this. Oh, and by the way, I had three poms poms waved in my face from fans sitting directly in front of me. I don’t care how "nice" opposing team fans are – too many of them takes away home field advantage.


And finally, ¡EL ASSICO!

Iowa defeated the Iowa State Assclowns**

Let’s check in with our friends at Wide Right Natty Light

We are BCS champs

At grabbing defeat out of the jaws of victory

by ISU9-OhYeah! on Sep 9, 2017 | 2:49 PM reply unrec (3)

You’re also the BCS Champs of rooting for a shitty team. Shut your program down ISU

Fucking hell

by Old English on Sep 9, 2017 | 2:55 PM reply rec flag

Yeah, you root for a team in Ames, a place that’s better referred to by my Hawkeye colleagues as “a dog’s hole”

Fucking horseshit.

by Tracks182 on Sep 9, 2017 | 2:56 PM reply rec (2) flag

That’s what Ames smells like on a good day.

Fuck fuck fuck

by cyrules on Sep 9, 2017 | 2:56 PM reply rec flag

I’m sensing a theme here.

*Ed note: We were asked by SBNation to no longer use “This week in Schadenfreude” and they would prefer we use something different. “The Meltdown Index” works for me.

**Not a misspelling. Here’s an old quarterback of theirs, Donald McRonald

*** In 2014 Georgia had an up and down season with a lot of heartbreak, and the artists on /r/cfbball decided to turn UGABall into a hate-fueled psychopath that scalped Vanderbilt (and wore the skull as a helmet), skinned Tennessee (to make a cape) and skinned Mizzou (into a bodysuit)


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