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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 3

Our weekly look at where our lovely “writers” will be passing out and the delicious beverages helped get them there

Happy Friday everyone. We finally made it. There aren’t a lot of good games for us this weekend. Purdue might beat an SEC team and Illinois might beat a ranked team that hasn’t practiced all week, but that’s about it. My game of the week is Army @ Ohio State (I love me some triple option). Let’s see what everyone’s plans are.

Creighton: Going to a brewery to watch EPL with a bunch of guys on Saturday morning. If the food truck that comes for lunch looks good I’ll probably stick around and watch football there too. I have a beer trade from Michigan coming from FedEx today so I’ll probably crack open one of those bad boys for the night games. I’m thinking a Founders Doom or an Odd Side Mokka Munt.

Graham: Helping build a friends fence with community folks in St Johns, Michigan. Clemson-L'ville looking tasty...

Ray Ransom: The day is dark. The hour is late. The shandy shall accompany me on this dark journey. I shall bunker down in North Jersey and prepare for the worst. Saturday is coming but I have the shandy. The precious shandy. My precious. My precioussssssss...

Zuzu: I’ll be in Blacksburg waitressing drinking water during my shift. Rutgers' on field performance this Saturday will determine what I am drinking afterwards and whether or not we have a repeat of last week...

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Going for a run in Lebanon Hills, then drinking all of the Grain Belt and 2 Gingers on the River Flats while preparing to watch the Gophers score just enough points to defeat MTSU. UPDATE: I may be making jambalaya!

Andrej Krgytinski: Enthusiastically loafing here in Detroit for the first weekend of the season I am at liberty to watch all the football I care to. My team, of course, is not playing. We'll see if the brown ales are in stock yet.

LincolnParkWildcat: I’ll be in Evanston with my girlfriend and some other friends. I’ll bring Spotted Cow or some other beer.

Candystripes For Breakfast: Well, now that IU-FIU isn't happening, my Saturday just freed up quite a bit (you know, other than the part where I still have to work). As such, I might take the weekend off from football. More on this as it develops (or not).

BigRedTwice: Since it's a morning game, I'll be fueling up at the downtown farmer's market with an apricot kolache and iced coffee from my favorite Lincoln coffee establishment (what up, The Mill) before the game. At the game, I'll be downing some overpriced water, because it looks like summer is making its last stand this week, and it's going to be warm. Hopefully the only sweating we're doing is weather-induced, and not play-induced.

Townie: I'll be at my grandmother's funeral in Chews Landing, NJ.

We’re all sorry for your loss, Townie. It’s been a tough couple weeks for you guys. The entire OTE community will be thinking of you and your family.

DJ: Gotta work, booooooooooo

Dead Read: I will be in lovely Lincoln. Same stuff, different Saturday. I hope the Nebraska defense has a better approach to this game than I do.

GoForThree: I will be at Ohio Stadium, watching the Pride & Dream stare down the Buckeyes.

Aaron Yorke: I'll be working late and keeping track of as many games as possible while my Lions hopefully make quick work of Georgia State. That Clemson vs. Louisville game is looking pretty spicy, but I doubt it will be as fun as watching Northwestern try to beat Bowling Green. Decisions, decisions...

babaoreally: I'll be relaxing at home and watching Purdue Mizzou without feeling a sense a dread. I'll warm up with some Aalborg Taffel Akvavit and then drink some random beer.

Speth: I'll be in Oshkosh bartending of course. I need to figure out what shot special I'll do for Saturday but I consume large amounts of Rumplemintz either way

MNWildcat: Atlanta. Probably sitting in my Airbnb like a schmuck, watching West Ham lose to West Brom, followed by all the Big Ten slate before I decide if I want to go all the way north to some suburban pizza chain to join the NU Club of Atlanta. I'm sure they're nice, but the answer is probably "order Pizza Hut and eat it off my stomach while drinking a whole growler of Torched Hop Blueberry Milkshake IPA to follow." Maybe break into that Lagavulin if the 'Cats show signs of covering the spread.


Brian: I’ll be in Los Angeles this weekend. And Saturday I’ll be at the LA Coliseum for the USC/Texas rematch. Decidedly different than Big Ten affairs, Gameday at USC is nonetheless a great experience. And in case you haven't been paying attention, Trojan fans have this game circled. (

Creighton (making something up for Brian): Brian will be in LA this weekend trying to replace a rug that really tied the room together. He got roughed up by some hired goons who mistook him for a millionaire with the same name that owed their boss money, and one of them relieved himself on the old rug. Brian and his bowling team will help unravel a mystery when The Big Brian hires them to deliver the ransom to free his trophy wife. German nihilists and an adult film producer will get involved, and the whole thing will turn to shit.

Jesse: I’ll be hanging out in Texas, relaxing as I pretend everything is okay while NIU dinks and dunks all morning. The redeeming factor is that Texas is going to get blasted by USC so no one can give me too much hell.

What about the rest of you? Got good beer? Score tickets for the game? Let us know in the comments!