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That was a fun Saturday, wasn’t it?

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

So here we are again friends. Sunday is the point of the week furthest away from football. Nebraska and Illinois fans, would you please go into the hall for a moment?

That was fun, wasn’t it? Let’s all laugh at Nebraska and Illinois. Yes, Rutgers. Even you. Y’all did well. Things change starting next week with conference play, but we ended full non-conference with a bang and an SEC East title. And did you know that 2 of the 3 teams that haven’t given up a 2nd half point play in the B1G? That’s right! Outside of Miami (who’s 1-0 and only played an D1-AA team), YOUR Minnesota Golden Gophers and some other clowns from the B1G west have pitched 3 shutouts after the break.

Now that we’ve had some fun and learned a little bit, is there anything else you’d like to know about? Fire away in the comments, and always remember that Har Mar Superstar loves you and wants you to be happy.