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Pondering Power Rankings Of Other Pundits

I have no idea what they are thinking

Colorado State v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Like most of you, I watch football all weekend. Then, on Monday, I take a step back and analyze what I saw. Then, about Tuesday, I am ready to see what the rest of the world thinks about the weekend. Usually, I am disappointed.

Since it’s the third week of the season, I decided to look at the power rankings of some of the more prominent publications, ESPN, and CBS. I was mildly surprised that they disagreed on the top team. There might actually be critical thinking going on.

Sadly, my optimism started to fade. Either you accept a win is a win, or you punish a team for a close loss. In the case of The USC Trojans, that just didn’t happen. They have had two close wins against suspect team. Western Michigan actually looked like the better team for the first three quarters. Then, Texas, who was manhandled by Maryland, took USC to the wire. This aint 2005. It’s time to realize USC just isn’t a contender, at least not this early in the season. If we can drop Michigan to 8, I just don’t see why USC gets to be 5.

If the argument to keeping USC at 5 is that Texas might actually be a good team, then certainly a 2-0 Maryland teams deserves to be ranked somewhere. Let’s look at some teams that maybe shouldn’t be on the list.

Oregon blew out two jokers and barely beat Nebraska. That might be a good place to start. Auburn’s last two outings were a loss followed up by a 14 point win against Mercer. Apparently a quality loss to Clemson is more valuable than a win against Texas, who took number 5 USC to the wire.

If I told you to start the season it would be better to beat Southern Miss, Eastern Kentucky, and South Carolina by a combined 28 than beating Texas and Towsen by 55, I like to think I would have been called awful things. But yet here we are, at least according to CBS.

The last team I am going to pick on is Vanderbilt. They beat Kansas State in a “defensive battle.” Which in 2017 means an ugly football game devoid of talent and watchability. Kansas State’s resume to that point was beating up football teams that probably would have been better served not playing football this season.

When I woke up this morning, I never thought I would be sitting here defending the honor of Maryland football. Don’t worry, there is plenty of room on the Terrapins bandwagon, are you ready to join me?


Things I would Rather Do Than Join The Terrapins Train

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  • 9%
    Write a thesis on the barbarism of football and the effect it has on the moral decline of America
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  • 27%
    Yell "Go Rutgers" alone in a field, without another living soul within 500 miles
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  • 24%
    Be the person that has to go toe to toe against Kirk Ferentz’s agent when it comes time to negotiate his newest extension, probably later this week
    (85 votes)
  • 38%
    F’it, GO TERPS
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