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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 4

What are the Northwestern “writers” doing on their bye week? What delicious meats is Stew cooking up at Kinnick? Whose turn is it to go to a fall wedding? Let’s find out in WWBWWBD!

Congratulations on making it to Friday, and welcome to Week 4 everybody! Purdue and Rutgers might beat Michigan and Nebraska somehow, Iowa and Penn State are in primetime and Sparty gets Notre Dame. Let’s see what everyone is up to on Saturday:

Creighton: I’m going to Pro Re Nata Brewery in Crozet, VA to celebrate their second anniversary and watch some football. After that, I’m heading back home to Charlottesville to watch Iowa-Penn State. For this I’ll be drinking some Barrel Aged Toonilla stout from Dark Horse and probably ordering pizza because I don’t feel like cooking. Pepperoni and pineapple. Don’t @me.

Ardbeg Kapowski: At a watch party/pig roast in Ferndale, MI with a battalion of Spartan alumni, hopefully watching Brian Kelly achieve shades of purple heretofore uncharted. It's time for this year's vintage of apple pie, so things may get schwifty.

Graham: Officiating a wedding at Blackstar Farms for great friends on Friday night and then heading to Mackinac Island for the Republican Leadership Conference. Will be in and out of events, but keeping an eye on the two Michigan schools and their intriguing matchups. NOTE: I was married on Mackinac Island, so I am surely going to be visiting The Inn at Stonecliffe where the ceremony was.

DJ: After our flag football game where assuredly I will need drinks after I'll be booking it up to College Park for the MD/UCF game to get some tailgating in and go take a tour of the new practice facility at Cole. First tailgate and game of the year, should be great!

LincolnParkWildcat: I'll be at home in Lincoln Park. Northwestern has a bye, so I'll be watching everything else. I'll pick up some Goose Island.

Zuzu: In Blacksburg... still. Serving Hokies on their game day... again. I hate that I was cursed with Saturday on my schedule. I literally won't be able to watch a single Rutgers Football game for the next 4 weeks. /sigh. I'll be drinking water, sneaking peaks at the score on my phone.

MNWildcat: St. Paul, doing anything but watching all your shit teams! I have my last season tickets of the year for Minnesota United, so I'll be enjoying a nice brewery crawl along the Green Line from St. Paul's Union Station to TCF Bank Stadium, with planned stops including (but not limited to) Tin Whiskers, Lake Monster, Bang, Urban Growler, and Surly. At that point it'll be irrelevant how the Loons do, but since I'm going and not WSR, it's about three times as likely that they'll win. So that's pretty cool. I hope all your teams lose but that your beer is cold.

Jesse: Austin, TX - After what was supposed to be a second straight relaxing week, recently relocated Nebraska fan - Jesse Collins - found himself in varying degrees of alternate dimensionality. In the world that he found himself, it seemed that yes, this is in fact the world where he would be terrified of Rutgers. Drinks were a bad idea, but the bleach would remain in arms' reach.

Ray Ransom: After watching Rutgers dismantle an FCS program like I've never seen them do so, I'm back to being a foolish optimist. We'll be glued to the television enjoying some Sierra Nevada Sidecar, hoping and wishing and praying for a Rutgers upset on the road in one of the most hostile-yet-friendly venues in all of sports. Hello delusion it's good to see you again! Also did I mention Sidecar is really, really good?

Townie: I'll be at the bar in the Diplomat Hotel in beautiful Hollywood Florida...don't mind the power outages and pools of standing water. Please use our complimentary bug spray...zika is still a thing here. Otherwise, enjoy your stay!

BigRedTwice: I'll be attending the Rutgers-Nebraska crapfest in person! #blessed I'm normally not a heavy drinker, but if Nebraska loses this one, that could all change very quickly.

Aaron Yorke: My girlfriend's friend is getting married on Long Island, and it's going to be a pain to drive all the way out there. I'm guessing there will be an open bar, though.

Dead Read: I will be in Lincoln. I will spend my day dreading, then cringing, then recovering. Rutgers is in town, y'all.

Thumpasaurus: Imma be in Rochester Hills drinking gallons and gallons of how-do-i-plan-for-the-future

WhiteSpeedReceiver: I'll be in suburban St. Paul helping young PreschoolSpeedReceiver celebrate her 4th birthday by hiding in my basement watching football. Since we're inviting a bunch of her friends (and their dads) over, the beer fridge will be stocked with a plethora of Minnesota's finest.

Candystripes for Breakfast: I will be recovering from a midnight prerelease of the latest MTG set (because Pirates vs. Dinosaurs is too good to miss), but I expect I'll be rolling out of bed just in time for IU vs. Georgia Southern, thanks to having Saturday off and not needing to get out of bed any sooner than I want. Something caffeinated will be required for getting through the game.

Nate: I'll be enjoying the bye week at home in Chicago. Probably drinking the last of my zombie dust.

Stew: Night game at Kinnick. I'm losing up the smoker and heading down as early as I can to fire it up. Ribs, pork belly, and chicken or brisket are all on the menu. Lots of beer will be had. Founders Breakfast Stout, Toppling Goliath Double Dry Hopped Pseudo Sue and Sosus, then whatever is left over.

Babaoreally: I'll be in Fort Wayne participating in a curling tournament and watching Purdue lose to Michigan on TV. Drinking Labatt Blue, as it is included in the entrance fee for the tournament.

GoForThree: Bahston. Parenting and prepping for another week of cases.

What about you guys? You got games to watch and beers to drink. Let us know what and where in the comments!