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Big Ten City Guides: Roundup

Your guide to traveling in the Big Ten

Lovely Lincoln

We meant to do this a couple of weeks ago, but as you’ve no doubt learned from Deadspin, we were too busy spending our piles of money earned from writing sports crap for you guys, and we forgot. But here, in one easily bookmarked article, are all of the Big Ten City Guides we wrote this summer. Hey, there are still a lot of weeks left of conference play—maybe you’ll be inspired to plan a road trip now. I’m guessing tickets in Lincoln are pretty affordable at the moment.

It turns out only half of our writing staff chose to accept this assignment, so this will only be so helpful. Apparently, there’s just nothing to do in Chicago or Minneapolis.

Illinois by Thumpasaurus

Indiana by CandystripesforBreakfast

Iowa by CreightonM

Nebraska by BigRedTwice

Ohio State by bucksfan92

Purdue by BabaOReally

Rutgers by Zuzu

Wisconsin by MNWildcat

I apologize for the rest of our lazy bum colleagues, who left you high and dry if you’re going to any of the other places. Instead, I will make a brief suggestion to the best of my limited knowledge on each location. Feel free to help these guys out and make suggestions in the comments!

College Park, Maryland

Skip the game, and go take in one of the many wonderful (free) museums or monuments in Washington D.C. instead.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

This is supposed to be a great college town, but I guess you’ll have to find that out for yourself, because our Michigan writer doesn’t agree.

East Lansing, Michigan

Solid tailgating scene, so you’ll probably just want to do that, but I’m not sure what lies beyond campus.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Find the P.J. Fleck statue on campus, and genuflect. Try not to get so caught up that you miss the actual game!

Evanston, Illinois

There is nowhere to go or eat or do anything fun in Chicago, apparently.

State College, PA

It’s in the middle of nowhere, so you’ll be tailgating, I guess.

That does it for our city roundups! This has been another installment of the kind of half-assed sports writing you have come to love and expect from us!