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Off Tackle Empire Podcast: BONUS COVERAGE; Big Ten Supremacy, Week 5 Preview and Prop Bets

A special bonus episode of Off Talkle Empire

We went way overboard in recording our first episode of Off Talkle Empire, so here’s the rest as an encore. In this one, we discuss the Big Ten’s supremacy against every other conference, Schrodinger’s Bevo, clownfraudtrasch, Week 5 happenings, and make some prop bets. Below the embedded podcast, I’ll list those over/unders. Leave your predictions in the comments!

Prop Bets: Over/Under

  1. Total Interceptions in Nebraska at Illinois: 4.5
  2. Times Cannon Fired: 0.5
  3. Saquon Barkley Total All Purpose Yards: 275
  4. Number of times “hard-nosed” uttered during MSU-Iowa broadcast
  5. Total number of quarterbacks to take a snap in Big Ten play in Week 6: 20