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Mailbag Question Request #1

You Ask, We’ll Pontificate

NCAA Football: Arkansas State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Oh Yeah, football season is here!

This was a fun weekend for the Big Ten for sure. We went 11-3. Purdue, Rutgers, and Indiana were our only losses this weekend. I would argue that ll three looked better in their openers than they did mid season last year.

They look great if you don’t watch em!

Actually the only games I missed were Sparty, Illinios, and Nebraska. I spent over nine hours watching football on Saturday. I had the house to myself. So I cracked a six-pack of Goose, put on a pot of hot chili, and vegged out.

What a great way to spend opening weekend of football. One thing I came away with is that while Texas may look good against themselves:

They didn’t look so good against Maryland.

They have questions - about their team, their toughness, and their ability to win a game this season. And this weekend generated lots of questions for me too. For example:

  • Why did James Franklin have Saquon Barkley back to return a kickoff?
  • Who okayed those Michigan Uniforms?
  • Did Maryland do more damage to Texas than Charlie Strong?
  • What if all Purdue really needed was a decent coach?
  • Is J.T. Barrett getting a Ph.D. at Ohio State (He’s been there long enough)?

Anyway this is the mailbag question request. If you have a burning question about the weekend’s games, your team’s future, or life in general...this is the time and the place to bare your soul.

Or just ask us a sports related question.

Your Friend,