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Week 1 Big Ten Stock Report

Where does your team stand in the Big Ten after Week 1?

NCAA Football: Maryland at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Where does your team stand after Week 1? Let’s take a look at how everyone did in comparison to their expectations going into the season now that football is underway!

Stock Up

Maryland Terrapins - Who would have thought Maryland would not only go into Texas and steal away a win but to also do it fairly convincingly? Granted, Texas is back and all of that, but many expected this to be a rebuild season for the Terps with their very young roster. Hopefully for Terps fans, Tyrrell Pigrome’s injury is minor and doesn’t have a huge impact on the season. Next up: Towson.

Purdue Boilermakers - We are all thoroughly confused and impressed with the going ons in Indiannapolis last night. Purdue came into the game as huge underdogs to the reigning Heisman champ and the Louisville Cardinals and nearly stole away a win as well. Louisville looked very vulnerable with poor ball control and Purdue’s offense looked very much improved. Could they finally take the step up to mediocre to below average? Next up: Ohio.

Michigan State Spartans - Going into this week there were at least a few predictions that Bowling Green would outright upset Michigan State in the opener. After a shaky start, Michigan State remembered they should stomp teams like BGSU and never turned back. Next up: Western Michigan.

rutger Scarlet Knights - I debated whether you go here, but you more than covered the spread against Washington and kept yourselves in the game much longer than expected. Keep that level of play up and you might not need hot tubs in the student section to attract them to the game. Next up: Eastern Michigan.

Stock Holding

Ohio State Buckeyes - Hard to move up from pre-season expectations for the #2 team in the nation but luckily your next opponent provides that opportunity. After a shaky start in the 1st half, Ohio State turned it on in the second half and showed what they can do with all of that talent. Next up: Oklahoma.

Indiana Hoosiers - I don’t judge a team after they held their own against the predicted conference winner and #2 team in the nation throughout the entire first half. You had me believing for a bit until it all came crashing down. Next up: Virginia. You are doomed to the last spot in this column the entire season if you lose to Virginia.

Wisconsin Badgers - We were all Utah State fans for a night, or at least until the 2nd half started. Wisconsin started off rough, as many teams did, in the 1st half but made some halftime adjustments and came out to put up 49 points in the 2nd half to convincingly win the game. Next up: Florida Atlantic.

Penn State Nittany Lions - The fact that you all felt the need to put Saquon Barkley in at kick returner and play longer into the game than was necessary almost earned stock down status. That kind of coaching makes no sense. He’s your star and the rock on the offense you can keep turning to if YOLO ball isn’t working. Don’t screw that up. Next up: Pittsburgh.

Michigan Wolverines - Well, at least for one night, you lived up to that pre-season ranking. The defense was stifling, allowing 3 points to the Florida offense all night but the QB play was concerning. Leave it to Harbaugh to create a QB controversy in the 1st quarter of the first game. Next up: Cincinatti.

Iowa Hawkeyes - In typical Iowa fashion, winning convincingly with under 30 points on the board. Kudos to the Iowa defense, shutting down potential top 5 pick in QB Josh Allen all night long. Next up: Iowa State.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - The development of a quarterback that can throw the ball saves into stock holding status here. The defense was attrocious all night, giving up 400+ yards to Arkansas State and letting them almost tie the game up in the last minute. It doesn’t get any easier next week either. Next up: Oregon (who dropped 700+ yards of offense in week 1).

Northwestern Wildcats - Maybe? I guess? You won the game but trailed all the way to the 5:28 mark in the 4th quarter. Thought we had another Illinois State on our hand for a while there. I will reserve judgment given last year’s start and ultimate finish for you guys. Next up: Duke. See Indiana warning. The same goes here.

Stock Down

Minnesota Golden Gophers - ROW. The. boat. Or something like that. The oars looked they had holes in them and you guys barely made it to shore before the boat flooded. I don’t know, I’m out of boat/oar analogies to describe a 14-7 win over Buffalo. Next up: Oregon State.

Illinois Fighting Illini - The rush defense looked good and Mike Dudek scored in his first game back along with getting the W. Those were the positives. Fans should probably focus there and not on what the rest of the game looked like as Illinois blocked a 54 yard FG attempt as time expired to avoid OT. Next up: Western Kentucky.