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Wilton Speight Throws 2 Picks, Turns Harbaugh Into Trash

And other idiot statements from the first week of football

Florida v Michigan Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I love college sports. I love them so much that I am a “writer” at two separate SB Nation sites. The first week of college football should be one of the most glorious times of the year for me and it was. But it has a dark side. Otherwise normal, intelligent, rational human beings become complete idiots. The smart part of their brain shuts down and the fan kicks in.

Sadly for them, there is twitter. Back in the 90s, before such newfangled inventions, we had “that friend”. He would remember everything, and then come along the next morning and ask questions like, “Do you remember when you said that Peyton Manning isn’t going to be a good pro quarterback, he is just living off his daddy’s name?” or “You peed your pants.” I never liked that guy, yet I still hung around him. Twitter is much the same. Stupid comments, much like herpes, now last forever.

Serious question, do we really need to re-evaluate a coach because one time his quarterback threw two picks in the first game of the season?

Let’s just go ahead and evaluate Jim. He turned around a Stanford program that was 1-11 the year before he got there and in just a few short years they finished the season number 4 in the country. A large reason why was because of the quarterback play.

This fantastic job led him to the San Francisco 49ers, which were a dumpster fire. He led them to a 49-19-1 record and his quarterbacks played well. That’s an NFL winning percentage of 71.7% in 69 games. Nice. If he had won just one more NFL game, he would have been 4th all time among coaches that won 50 games and the only one that coached post 1980. That’s probably a little better than nice. Anyway, he was fired, so I guess someone did some “re-evaluating”.

Off to Michigan, he turned an Iowa reject into a legit NFL backup. But yes, let’s re-evaluate Harbaugh for 2 bad passes by a quarterback in one game against one of the country’s best defense. So let’s re-evaluate. Yep, Jim Harbaugh is still a fantastic coach and still has a long history of turning trash QBs into serviceable and good QBs to great.

I guess each coach should be re-evaluated after every quarter. Then, and only then, can we know just how good a coach is.

None of those teams finished the season with less than 3 losses. The average number of losses was 4.5 per team. That’s semi-legit. That’s quasi-legit. It’s the diet coke of legit.

Luckily, as always, the B1G is the beacon of light. It took a former player to solve the mystery as to how successful, intelligent, and otherwise sane human beings can come up with such stupid opinions on a moment’s notice.