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Urban Meyer Taking Steps To Becoming An OTE Writer

He isn’t aware that the process has started

PlayStation Fiesta Bowl - Ohio State v Clemson Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Former Ohio State assistant Tom Herman is now the head coach of the Texas Longhorns. It’s perfectly acceptable if you are unaware since the Longhorns fell off the face of the earth quite a while ago. In Herman’s post game press conference, when discussing the humiliating loss to Maryland, he made a comment that didn’t sit well with Urban Meyer. Here is the comment.

"If we all thought that we were going to come in here and in nine months sprinkle some fairy dust on this team and think that we've arrived then we're wrong."

According to this article by CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd, Meyer wasn’t particularly happy with the quote. As a matter of fact, he went on quite a lengthy rant about that one particular line. Per his own words, Meyer is being driven insane.

Welcome future OTE “writer”.

It takes a special kind of person to go on a lengthy rant about one sentence someone said that didn’t involve them and took place over a thousand miles away. Those special people gravitate toward the Empire. I fully expect to see someone with a user name like UrbanHotty224 to start posting on our comments section soon. First, it will just be a line or two about just how miserable of a place Des Moines is. Then we’ll start to see paragraph size posts about just how wrong someone is. Eventually that will lead to a 500 word drunken shit post calling out everyone and everything in the state of Minnesota.

And that’s when we’ll step in, and offer coach Meyer a place on the staff.

Things the Meyer application would have going for it.

  • Experience trashing the Longhorns.
  • Played high school football.
  • Prone to red-faced rants.

Things that might stop Meyer from “working” at OTE.

  • He is knowledgeable about football.
  • Doesn’t brag about his high school football playing.
  • Rarely punts.


When will Urban start posting in our comments section?

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  • 1%
    Before the end of the week
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  • 33%
    After his first loss to Rutgers
    (74 votes)
  • 25%
    Like Everyone else, after a twelver
    (57 votes)
  • 39%
    He already does
    (88 votes)
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