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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 2

Purdue themed Beer? Selfish Fall Weddings? Does Speth have an awesome story to tell us? Let’s see what our “writers” are up to for game day!

Week 2 everyone! We have Buckeyes-Sooners, rutger-Emus, The Nerd bowl and El Assico! Let’s go around the country and see what everyone is up to.

Creighton: Tickets are super cheap so I might head over to the Indiana-UVA game tomorrow afternoon to mingle with random Indiana fans and cheer against the Wahoos (a favorite activity of mine), but in the morning I’ll be on my couch taking in El Assico, which I’ll be enjoying with some Clown Shoes Barista and chicken wings.

DJ: I'll be coming back from coaching a flag football game, so probably drinking heavily to self medicate after repeating myself a thousand time to 6 year olds. Maryland gets to break in Kasim Hill for his first full game against an FCS opponent so I'll be watching to see how that goes.

MNWildcat: Durham. Wallace Wade Stadium. Starting with bloodies and mimosas courtesy of the NU Club of the Research Triangle, followed by some Atlanta beer that I bring up with me, and then hopefully not sweating my ass off as Northwestern improves its record against the hapless Dukies.

LincolnParkWildcat: I’ll be on my couch in Lincoln Park, hopefully getting enough sleep after a redeye back from a tech conference. I have two or three sixers of Spotted Cow in my fridge.

Thumpasaurus: Somewhere over the rainbow.

BigRedTwice: I'm working for the first part of the game, and based on the defensive performance I saw from the Huskers last week, I'm not as sad about that as one might think. When I finish work, I'll check the score, and make viewing (and drinking) decisions accordingly.

Townie: F&%$. I cancelled my flight to State College - no pitt game for me. I'll spend the week cutting branches around the house, stacking deck chairs, making room for my cars in the garage, and generally squaring shit away ahead of Irma. For those of you not familiar, Irma is a Cat 5 hurricane larger than the state of Ohio. It's now one of the strongest hurricanes on record. This is the one thing I hate about living in Florida...but I'm fortunate, because if I need to I can bail. I'm thinking of the folks on Dominica, Puerto Rico, and Cuba who are stuck in the path of this beast. In their honor, I'll be drinking rum. Lots of rum, hunkered down in the house.

Candystripes for Breakfast: IU's playing at 3:30 for some reason (my current guess is that the ACC Network is seriously lacking for content), so I'll only miss the first half-ish while at work. Then, it's home for Vanilla Coke and OTE time.

babaoreally: I'll be in West Lafayette on Friday to watch Purdue play Ohio. I will have to try the new Boiler Gold ale. Hopefully it tastes like a win over a MAC team.

Ray Ransom: I'll be enjoying whatever swill I can sneak into the convention that I'll be manning our booth for (yep, that's Rhode Island for those playing at home. Rhode...Island...). If I were home watching dear old Rutgers wrangling emu, I'd be enjoying River Horse's new IPA (from the grand state of New Jersey). Just had one for the first time this week and it is absolutely exceptional.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: I will be in a pole barn rural Wright County, MN at MamaSpeedReceiver's annual birthday shindig. As always, there will be kegs and homemade moonshine and me getting yelled at for taking one of the pitchers and using it as a mug for myself. Hopefully I'll be able to hide in the basement and watch the Gophers fight valiantly against the odds and the apparently mighty Oregon State Beavers.

Graham: East Lansing, Broncos and Spartans. Going to be a good one, I think. Visiting with friends and family. College football is the best, man.

Andirk Karbovski: At a wedding in Clio, MI, testing the phone's battery and punishing the open bar to the tune of about 7 7&7s. Fall weddings. Never forgive. Never forget.

Thomas Speth: I'll be in Oshkosh bartending with a possibly broken hand drinking liquified Percocet

Brian: I’ll be in beautiful Ann Arbor this weekend for Michigan’s home opener against Cincinnati – where the Wolverines will host a Bearcat team determined to shock the world.

Dead Read: I will be holed up in lovely downtown Lincoln. I will watch football. Preparing for the Duckocalypse as I write. I hope the Husker defense survives, but nobody is making any promises.

Jesse Collins: I will be home in Austin and hosting some other Nebraska fans for the potential mess that will be the Oregon game. Not sure on what Fall items to prepare, but the air is a crisp 85 here, and that screams comfort foods.

Nate Peterson: Chicago drinking week old zombie dust.

GoForThree: I'll be at a veterans retreat on an island in the harbor. Back in time to watch the OSU game/debacle.

Aaron Yorke: I'm going to be working all day, but hopefully Penn State can cheer me up by lighting up the scoreboard and avenging last year's loss to Pitt. I'm going to need a decent amount of coffee to get through this shift.

Zuzu: Waitressing a double shift feeding hungry Hokies before and after their game against Delaware. Gonna try to convince my boss to put the Rutgers game on, but we both know that my quality as a server would dip dramatically. Will likely down 2 shots of Rumple after my shift as I often do after a busy night... 4 if we lose.

Godspeed, Townie. Hang in there.

What about the rest of you? Let us know what kind of booze you’ll be drinking and what smoked meats you’ll be shoveling into your mouth in the comments!