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Minnesota vs. Northwestern Wildcats: Dealing With Cats

It’s time to discuss this important matchup.

Here kitty kitty kitty.
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Golden Gophers (13-4, 2-2 B1G) vs. Northwestern Wildcats (10-7, 1-3 B1G)

8 PM, Allstate Arena Rosemount, IL


Line: Northwestern -4, O/U 145

Let’s go over how the Cats should be dealt with tonight:

Step 1: Fill a bathtub with warm (but not hot) water.

Step 2: Place your cat in the bathtub on its feet while maintaining control. Do not fight with your cat.

Step 3: Get your cat wet from the neck down.

Step 4: Use shampoo on the torso, legs, and tail.

Step 5: Gently wash your cat’s head and neck with a washcloth.

Step 6: Rinse your cat.

Step 7: Remove your cat from the tub and wrap it in a towel to dry it.

Step 8: Bandage your wounds.