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James Palmer Jr. Tries To Put an End To Ohio State’s Undefeated Streak, Falls Short

Bucks move to 9-0 in conference play.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

So, the beloved Ohio State Buckeyes played host to a feisty Nebraska Cornhuskers squad that is better than average. For a team like Ohio State, whom I am trying to make sense of, this seemed like a solid test.

Well, the Huskers had a similar idea and battled the Bucks till the end. James Palmer Jr. had a career type game, on the road, with 34 points. No other Husker scored in double digits, but we are not placing blame, at least at the moment.

What is interesting in this game, at least to me, is that Ohio State struggled to score, and struggled to win. As a Buckeye fan, that should be concerning, right?


This team showed resilience and heart. When I watched them blow out then number 1 Michigan State, I was impressed, but held caution. When I watched them go on a hot streak, I was still cautious, as they won their games mostly comfortably. This game wasn’t comfortable, and if an upset is going to take place, it’s when a dude like Palmer Jr. goes nuts. However, the Bucks managed to pull out the win.

I was a hold out too, but I think it’s time to move Ohio State from fluke to actual contender.