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Ohio State Tops Georgia For Number 1 Recruiting Class, Still Time For Rest of Big Ten To Catch Up

We are still a couple weeks away from national signing day.

NCAA Football: Cotton Bowl-Ohio State vs Southern California Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I found this article from CBS sports interesting. It announced that Ohio State had passed Georgia for the number 1 recruiting class in the country! A couple weeks before actual signing day. With many top recruits still undeclared.

And by interesting, I mean I saw the headline and thought, “nice.” There was no actual reading going on. That’s really the extent of my interest in 16 year old kids making a major life decision wedged in between driver’s ed and counting twitter followers. I just prefer to watch the games once they are actually playing them.

However, I realize that these rankings matter, so I decided to check and see how my B1G brethren are doing. It’s not out of any genuine concern for these programs, it’s just the need to get a chuckle out of just how superior the Buckeyes are in all things relating to football in this century.

I use Rivals because quite frankly, it’s the name that pops into my head when I think recruiting.

Penn State is nipping at Ohio State’s heels at number 4. Ohio State is only 2 in this list, either because it hasn’t been updated or they use different criteria and/or have kids rated differently. Back on point, Michigan comes in at 14 and Maryland is 19th. Michigan State comes in at 22 while Nebraska is at 24. Penn State at 4 makes sense with what they are losing, I guess I haven’t really thought about it. Michigan at 14 sounds about right, and was pleasantly surprised by MSU, Nebraska and Maryland.

That’s 6 Big Ten teams in the top 25. By comparison, the SEC has 7. Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa all made the top 40, with Wisconsin and Iowa tied at 33 and the fighting Flecks sitting at 30. Purdue, Rutgers, and Illinois cracked the top 50. All things considered, not bad.

I counted 8 power 5 programs ranked below B1G bottom feeding Northwestern, though by this point in the exercise, my eyes are glazing over as I really don’t care all that much for recruiting rankings.

The Big Ten has been trending up, and these recruiting rankings bear that out. Nice.


How important are recruiting rankings to you?

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    I mean, they are important, just not that important
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