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Penn State Ends Ohio State Win Streak, Means Nothing

Now I have to root for Penn State, too!

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The Penn State Nittany Lions knocked off the Ohio State Buckeyes in a basketball game tonight. Going into the game, Penn State kinda sucked, but not full on sucked. Ohio State was on a 9 game Big Ten winning streak and climbing the NCAA rankings.

This game had it all. Offense. Defense. Terrible calls. Streaks. AKA things that happen in a basketball game. At the end, Ohio State hit a long range jumper to take the lead. Penn State hit an even longer shot to win it. It was truly a game that could resonate throughout history for just how awesome it was. Kinda like the Penn State V Ohio State football this season.

And just like the football game, it really doesn’t matter. As most of you know (and I predicted) after that miraculous football comeback, Ohio State lost to Iowa and were out of the college football playoff. After this game, Ohio State is likely in the NCAA tournament and Penn State is not.

So what am I asking? I’ll be honest, I know don’t. I don’t think this one win should give Penn State the tournament bid over the Buckeyes, but at the same time, I feel like Penn State should be rewarded with more than just a regular season win that barely is a blip on the radar.

Maybe this game will be the deciding factor for Penn State making the tournament. All that has to happen is Penn State to go on a decent run to finish the season. For the love of the game, specifically this game, I am now going to root for Penn State. GO LIONS!