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Our Wisconsin Writers Need Your Help Picking New Avatars

Please help us avoid confusion in our Slack chat.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Wisconsin
their face when they can’t think of an avatar
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So, Off Tackle Empire readers, we need your help. You can make a difference with our internal process.

We use Slack to coordinate our scheduling and bounce ideas around for content. When you first set up your Slack profile for a team, you’re given a default avatar that’s basically a little plaid square. The problem with this is that there are apparently only three different plaid squares Slack chooses from when it assigns a default avatar. Since we have about 13 Northwestern writers and 17 Iowa writers and every message displays the user’s avatar, it creates confusion when several people have the same default avatar.

Since we’re all about values like rugged individualism, one would think we wouldn’t run into a problem. Being that we are, after all, blog people, it would stand to reason that we’d have no trouble expressing ourselves. My avatar, for instance, is below.

wake me up when illinois is good

Nevertheless, the problem did arise and was quite irritating. Back in December, we tried to hash this out once and for all. As our esteemed colleague Stewmonkey13 apparently had better things to do, I took the initiative to make him an avatar, shown below:

Horrified, most of the stragglers got on the program so as not to suffer a similar fate.

Now, however, we’ve added a platoon of Wisconsin writers who didn’t pick up on this whole thing about not having default avatars, and have been reluctant to change theirs. Once again, I had to take the initiative. This, dear reader, is where YOU come in! Beezer and MC ClapYoHandz need new avatars, and they need YOU to decide what the best of the bunch are! Here are the five candidates.

I had to use my best Photoshop skills for this one

And since somehow we let Teflon Andrew Krizilonski off the hook, I made a bonus one just for him.

CAST YOUR VOTE! Beez and MC get their pick of the top two!


What is the best Wisconsin avatar?

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    On Wisconsin
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  • 24%
    (42 votes)
  • 12%
    (21 votes)
  • 18%
    (31 votes)
  • 21%
    Photoshop To The Max
    (36 votes)
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