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Big Ten Bracketology Update: Purdue near-consensus #1, who knows with Michigan State

Also, we take a peek around to see if people still believe in the Nebraska Cornhuskers, and if anyone’s even thinking about Maryland.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

First, a thought from John Gasaway:

This has been a thought from John Gasaway.

I don’t really know what that was supposed to prove, other than my goodness, the Big Ten is bad and likely will manage just 4 teams in the NCAA Tournament.

Do you not take my word for it? Enjoy this flesh-melting table of the conference’s bracketology and RPI:


  • Let’s get it out of the way up top: “Strong CBI Contender” is one of the saddest sentences I have ever seen in print in the English language.
  • Turns out fucking no one wants the Maryland Terrapins.
  • Intriguing that the two more established bracketologists like the Michigan State Spartans higher in the seeding, while the Matrix and RPI are less than convinced. Will reputation bounce Sparty a rung higher than they deserve?
  • Purdue is a consensus #1 seed. I’m sure that will go well.
  • After Michigan’s 58-47 “romp” over Northwestern, I’m already cringing at what a game against Syracuse would look like.
  • Nebraska’s “rebounding” against Tacko Fall. Sure.
  • Don’t worry, Ohio State. Nothing goes wrong against Middle Tennessee in a 5-12 game.