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Off Tackle Empire Seeks Nomination For Presidential Fake News Awards

It’s time we got the recognition we deserve

NCAA Football: Big Ten Championship-Ohio State vs Wisconsin Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Here at Off Tackle Empire, we’re always trying to find ways to increase the reach of our tremendous content. Recognition and awards can sometimes bring unsung brilliance to light, but we hadn’t seen an award that really highlighted our essence.

Until now.

“Various categories” strongly implies that there must be a sports category. Who’s better at Dishonesty & Bad Reporting than us? THIS COULD BE OUR BIG BREAK!

A national stage to have the President of the United States finally give us the recognition we deserve for our diligence seems like a gift from Heaven.

Mr. President, please peruse a portfolio of some of our submissions. In 2017, we:

Mr. President, this is just a small sampling of the hard work we do every single day to poison our readers’ minds and distort the truth through deception and obfuscation. Our failing blog is in desperate need of this much-deserved boost, and would be honored to even be nominated for a Fake News Award. I know Adem Schefter works pretty hard as well, but we have so many more mouths to feed. We’d be overjoyed if you’d consider us. You know how we’d feel if you didn’t? Sad!

As for you, loyal readers, please support us on Twitter by boosting this post. I’ll never again ask you to do this, but remember, we need the help since my prediction that Illinois basketball would win 25 games last season was from 2016 and is outside the window of eligibility. That would have made us a shoo-in, but without that, we need your help. #OTEforFakeNewsAwards